Your Initiation into liberation and limitless abundance

enter the golden gates
into the portal of abundance

It is time to Cross The Threshold

Peace ~ Abundance ~ Harmony
Radiance ~ Remembrance
Opulence ~ Beauty


These are the Potent Energies the Lion's Gate Holds, Now is the Time to Harness them...
The moment of ultimate alignment

 awaken to Your Radical Truth

unlock your inner wealth

unlock your inner wealth

Key Details for Lion's Gate 2023:

~ 10 Daily Live Transmissions July 31-August 9, 2023 to anchor in these BRAND NEW Love and Opulence Frequencies streaming into Earth
~ 10 Powerful Activations, 8 recorded
During the Lion's Gate Portal 8/1-8/8 of 2022
~ NEW High Heart Wealth Portal Activation
~ NEW Earth Star Chakra Activation
~ 10 Modules on Wisdom Teaching Modules and 
~ Bonus Ancient Modern Mystery School Teachings
Bridging Science and Spirituality
~ Bonus Access to the Divine Feminine Rose Code Activation
~ Bonus Access to 3 other powerful activations
~ Forever access to the activations, content, and course portal inside my private network where you can always DM me directly!

More Details...

The 10+ Modules of Wisdom teachings correspond to each chakra/ energy center – each 'Gate' – and the energetics of each Key required to unlock your inner wealth and embody your Soul's Truth in alignment with the New Golden Age. Each module includes mystery teachings related to Inanna's descent and ascent to help us connect more deeply with the Journey of Initiation, Self-Mastery, and Liberation that we are being called on to Awaken to our Power and Magic and assist with the Planetary and Collective Ascension.

Bonus Meditations, Activations, and content included inside the portal

Access to a growing community of healers, lightworkers, soulpreneurs,
and New Earth visionaries   

You will have forever access to the Portal, including all modules, activations, and bonus content

Any additional content that comes through the transmissions will be made available 

Special Discount on my group container of deep transformation and total embodiment: Expansion: Journey into Self-Mastery

Valued at well over $1,000, you can access it all for just a fraction for a short time!

Abundance Now

The Benefits and Results you can Expect to Experience:

~ Feeling lighter and freer
~ Feeling less burdened by the fears, doubts, and worries that plague you as your chakra system gets cleared out
~ Feeling deeply grounded, connected, and anchored into your body as your release deep fears and wounds
~ An influx of ideas and your Creative juices flowing
~ Clarity and confidence to take bold action and expand into your light and greatness
~ Attracting more opportunities, clients, beauty, magic and abundance because your energy field is crystal clear
~ Radiating and glowing like the light that you are, feeling younger and joyful as you release the layers of conditioning and programming
~ Upgrades to all your bodily system as the chakras are connected to nerve bundles, which penetrate our bodily systems, organs, tissues, cells, blood, fascia... upgrading in all the ways! 
~ Feeling Deeply Rooted, Connected, and in the Flow of Life


Abundance ~ Peace ~ Freedom

Lack, scarcity, worry, fear, doubts – if you’re like most of the world, you probably feel like you’ve been thrust into a crucible of constriction and contraction. 

Deep down you know everything you seek is there, yet it feels perpetually just out of reach. Or you’ve struggled with the boom and bust cycle, the roller coaster ride of life. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, life swoops in and brings us to our knees through yet another deep contraction. 

It is possible to transcend the fears, doubts and limitations, the feeling of constriction and lack. 

It is possible to break the cycle and shift the patterns.
We are here now to transcend limitation, to try a new way of doing things. 

We are here to BE a whole different version of ourselves – one that is peaceful, abundant, and liberated. 

Imagine feeling this: 

Unshakeable to your core – no matter what. 

No matter what the world throws at you, you stay centered in peace, trusting in the flow of life, liberated from the shackles of fear, scarcity, and limitation, infinitely abundant and eternally connected with the source of all. 

Knowing that all possibilities exist in every Now moment. 

Believe it or not, this state of Being is truer than any box of scarcity and limitation you’ve been existing in.

It's what we all seek. 

And yet so many of us, especially in these tumultuous times,
feel lost as if on the quest to find the elusive holy grail.

The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance guides us on this
journey to peace and liberation.

These are the keys to the answers you’ve been seeking.
To guide you through the threshold of the Golden Gates into the Portal that leads to Abundance and Bliss

Downloaded in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, these 8 Keys to Liberation and Abundance came to me spontaneously in sequence. What started as 7 quickly evolved into 8 once I recognized their correlation with the chakra system held within our body. Each Key represents the higher frequency of the correlating energy center.

Over time I integrated the connection between Inanna’s 7 Gates. Inanna, my first true otherdimensional guide, is an ancient Goddess known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth who represents Venus and her phases of descent and ascent. The number 8 is also associated with her through her 8 pointed star and Venus’ 8 year cycle. 

She is an embodiment of Wholeness and Royalty whose journey to attain her true power Queen’s throne and crown by walking from the bright light of day down into the darkest essence of creation and truth.

Finally it became clear that I was meant to share the wisdom and activations carried within these golden keys which enable us to cross each golden gate to higher consciousness and expanded states of being.



The world is crumbling and descending into chaos to strip away the illusions of scarcity and limitation so that we can access the treasure chest buried deep within. 

You are all that you’ve been seeking. You hold the golden keys to your Golden Gates of Heaven on Earth. 

The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance is the Initiation that will guide you on your quest to Liberation. 

Your expansion awaits



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Insert amazing review here:



Insert amazing review here:


~ Crystal A.

I had such an amazing and profound experience in Amanda’s course. I had a huge release during the duration of the week and felt the energy working through me on so many levels. I’m still processing the experience over a week later. 

I am so grateful for the experience to be transported to ancient lands and receive ancient mystery gifts✨🙏🏻🌹

'i had a huge release'

~ Patrick F.
conscious business coach

Amanda's course is amazing. The knowledge and wisdom included in this course is worth the investment alone, but here meditations are magical and what help you embody the new abundance energies in your body. I am to noticing energies unlock in me that I haven’t seen before. They feel like flow. They feel like ease. From taking the 8 Keys, it feels like a new chapter where I get to create a life I love from grace and abundance. Would recommend for anyone that is feeling stuck and like they are energetically blocked to step into their power.

'it feels like a new chapter'


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