Our reality is shifting.
Our customary ways of operating are outdated.
If you want to 'manifest' the life of your dreams, the Law of Attraction isn't going to cut it.
Maybe it already hasn't been working for you...

Manifesting in the 5D New Earth Quantum reality looks different.

Align & Shine is a powerful 4 Week Container of Alignment, Expansion, Integration, and Illumination

To help you shift your frequency and align your actions to co-create your reality in alignment with these new energies with ease, flow, and grace

We are working intimately with the energetics of the Divine Feminine, a frequency activating and rising within all of us so that we can come into inner union, accessing our full creational power and potential.

join us now!

Manifestation is getting an energetic glow-up...

Energetic alignment & Quantum Expansion

4 Weeks of Live Calls to deep dive into the energetics of alignment, quantum manifestation, and shining your light with confidence

Embodiment Practices and Tools to guide you into your fullest expression of self

Audios, guided meditations, and activations to work with the energies (immediate access)

Journaling prompts and downloadables

Community Space

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Align & Shine

Womb and Throat Chakra Healing and Clearing Activations

Bonus: Energetic Hygeine and Protection Practices

Week 1: Align & Shine (Nov 1)
We'll deep dive into the foundation of energetic alignment, the energetics of flow vs force, what's been missing or lacking in our 3d models of manifestation, and what we're shifting into in our new paradigm!

Week 3: Unlocking our Emotions and Embodying our Higher Self (Nov 15)
Our emotions – so long suppressed, denied, and seen as a sign of 'weakness' in our world – actually hold the codes and keys for us to unleash the power that we contain within. Integrating and embodying every aspect of self if what we will discuss in this Call.

Week 4: Awakening the Genius Within (Nov 22)
Becoming the Powerful Co-Creator of Your Reality is how we operate in 5d New Earth consciousness. This is where we integrate all we've discussed and how we step into the heart-centered leadership as lightworkers and healers. 

Now is the time for the healers, lightworkers, conscious heart-lead visionaries, and soul-lead and spiritual guides to step forward and fully shine!
Are you ready?

I'm ready to shine!

Week 2: Creation Center Activations (Nov 8)
We'll discuss the throat and womb chakras, the link between the two, and how to clear, align, and work with these energy centers. We'll also work with the throat and womb chakras inside the meditation and activation.

Weekly Calls

Meet Your Host,
Amanda Kelly

Amanda Sahrai Kelly is a Self-Mastery Catalyst, Intuitive Soul Guide and Priestess of the Rose in service to the path of Love. In 2016, with two psychology degrees and 3 yoga teacher trainings under her belt, she was diagnosed as cancer, and very early on she intuitively knew it was an awakening of some kind, though with limited spiritual inclination until then, she never could have foreseen the path it would lead her down.

Knowing deep down that it was not her time to die but rather her job to heal the family pattern of dying from cancer, she dove deep into every layer of healing as she went through the diagnostic process and throughout her chemo treatment. As soon as treatment was over, she began a Transformational Health Coaching Program, which led to another certification in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. 

After hitting roadblock after roadblock, she continued to dive deeper on the holistic path, healing the chemo-induced gut issues, adrenal fatigue stage 3 and insomnia due to imbalanced hormones. She dove deeper into trauma and the energetics held within the body, eventually finding herself in an Embodied Ascension training and then on an unexpected Soul Journey that guided her toward the Priestess Path that eventually through a series of spontaneous synchronicities took her to Sacred Sites and Planetary Vortexes around the globe, receiving soul code activations along the way, preparing her for this time of mass transition and Planetary Awakening and Shift in Consciousness. 

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