The leaders of the new age

liberated and aligned
embodied and continually expanding
following the way of love
leading with light

illuminating the world and paving a golden path to the new earth

Guided by the Queens of Heaven and Earth, this powerful container weaves Science with Spirituality, the Quantum with the Sacred to guide you into your deepest level of Devotion to Your Highest Purpose

Illuminate is a unique integration of psychology, neuroscience, shadow work, embodiment, and mystery school teachings that will guide you on the Journey of Liberation into the Embodiment of Wholeness 

To Activate your most Elevated Expression of Service

Leading with the Power of Love

It is time to embody Empress Energy

A Year of Expansion and Embodying Your Highest Purpose

A Glimpse of What You'll Experience:

Monthly 1-1 Calls (VIP)

3 Mastermind Calls Each Month with Open Q&A

Live Retreat in Sedona (Included with VIP)

Automatic Access to Expansion: Journey into Self-Mastery 

Automatic Access to the 8 Golden Keys to Abundance 

Each Month you will receive a Private 1-1 Mentoring Call with me where I will intuitively channel and tap into the Guidance to help you move through any resistance and keep you aligned with your highest truth and vibration

Each Month I host 3 live Zoom Calls where I teach on a specific topic within the Illumination Process (see below) exclusively for my LeaderShift Mastermind clients. I will open up the call to allow space for Q&A and personalized coaching and alignment. 

We will gather for a long weekend at the most magical energy vortex in the country that is considered to be the Heart Chakra of the continent. This will be a journey into the heart of truth that activates you into your highest potential for service, embodying the devotion of your heart-centered leadership.

You will receive full access to all the modules inside Expansion: Journey into Self-Mastery to ensure you have a solid internal foundation to build from. This container includes transformational wisdom, tools, embodiment practices, breathwork, and meditations and activations. 

Automatic Access to all future Workshops + Masterclasses

This activation series includes 8 unique activation journeys guided by ascended masters to clear and upgrade each energy center into its higher octave frequency as well as 8 Modules of Wisdom teachings corresponding to each Gate/ chakra and the energetics of each Key required to unlock your inner wealth

You will receive automatic access to all Workshops and Masterclasses I create within the year and any other bonus content I make available. 

Private Group Messaging Access

Illuminate Mastermind clients will receive access to a private group chat for support and connection with fellow members and myself. 

Sacred Year Ceremonies

We will gather in sacred space on the High Holy Days of the Sacred Wheel of the Year – the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross Quarter Days – to help us attune to the cyclical energetics and amplified energetics of these portal days. 

The illumination Process

This process, or sequence, came through much as the vision for this container did – as divinely guided inspiration.

On my own journey, I have been deeply connected to and guided by Ascended Masters and the Queens of Heaven and Earth – most notably Inanna and Mother Mary.
The Lion and the dove. 
The dragon and the rose.

Inanna as the Queen of Heaven and Earth guides us deep into the underworld to shed the layers of our past and our ego that would keep us small or operating out of our mind, exerting power over, and back up again in alignment with and embodiment of our higher self and being the conduit for divine guidance – power through. 

Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth is a wayshower to guide us into embodiment of our highest form of service through compassion and the unconditional love of a mother. A powerful priestess in her time, she reminds us that power and leadership comes from presence and heart-centered devotion to our path.

Areas will include:
~Expanding your Vision to align with New Earth Consciousness
~Activating and Embodying Your Unique Divine Blueprint
~Mastering the Fires of Alchemy
~The Way of Love
~Energetic Alignment
~Divine Union Within
~Embodying the Royal Codes
~Wealth Consciousness Activation
~Bliss Consciousness
~Sacred Heart Service
& More

a year of embodying your prosperous and aligned leadership


The old earth based in fear and scarcity is being stripped away of the illusions of scarcity and limitation so that we can access the treasure chest buried deep within. 

We are here to Activate and Anchor in New Earth energy, to build anew, and create a New Golden Age of Miracles.

The world needs embodied leaders holding the frequencies of higher consciousness and bridging the transition through a deep remembrance of our connection to our ancient wisdom as we ascend in consciousness and frequency in a manner that has never before happened.

You are here for a reason.   

Ready to embody your leadership?

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Sedona is considered to be the heart chakra of the continent. 

It is home to powerful energetic vortexes, including Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.

When I went to Sedona, I experienced the magical and powerful energies, and discovered some 'secret' spots. 

We will gather in Sedona for a live retreat to connect in community and immerse ourselves in the beautiful energies of this Sacred location.

Our time together will include Live workshops, hikes, on-site meditations and activations at the vortexes, private kundalini yoga class, breathwork, womb connection, embodiment practices, journaling and soul shares, a cacao ceremony and ecstatic dance.

There will be time for private introspection and deeper connection.

We will prioritize nourishing, natural, vitality-boosting food. 

Dates: TBD, either around Samhain (late october) or Spring Equinox

Ready to embody your leadership?
YES! I'm ready to 


sedona retreat

Retreat Fee included in Illuminate,
Transportation, Accommodation, and Food not included

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I'm all in!!

(PIF Bonus: 1-1 Life + Biz Inventory + 1 month voxer support)

Your Guide,
Amanda Sahrai

Amanda Sahrai Kelly is an Illuminator, Self-Mastery Catalyst, Intuitive Soul Guide and Priestess of the Rose in service to the path of Love. In 2016, with two psychology degrees and 3 yoga teacher trainings already under her belt, she was diagnosed with cancer, and very early on she intuitively knew it was an awakening of some kind, though with limited spiritual inclination until then, and her path has guided her deeper and deeper into the heart of Truth.

Illuminate is the ultimate vision and culmination of a long journey of healing back to wholeness and embodying the Soul Codes of Leadership held within. From nervous system regulation to trauma work, Soul Wealth and Abundance Codes Activations, shamanic work, Akashic records and energy healing trainings, and devotion to the Priestess Path, Amanda Sahrai uniquely blends a wealth of wisdom and high level of activation into her guidance.

Guided by feathers and roses, her Soul lead her to the Priestess Path that eventually through a series of synchronicities took her to Sacred Sites and Planetary Vortexes around the globe, receiving soul code activations along the way, preparing her for this time of mass transition and Planetary Awakening and Shift in Consciousness. 


The old earth based in fear and scarcity is being stripped away of the illusions of scarcity and limitation so that we can access the treasure chest buried deep within. 

To build anew, and create a New Golden Age of Miracles

The world needs embodied leaders holding the frequencies of higher consciousness and bridging the transition through a deep remembrance of our connection to our ancient wisdom as we ascend in consciousness and frequency in a manner that has never before happened.

You are here for a reason.   


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Over the past several months, my journey alongside Amanda has been truly extraordinary. It's remarkable to reflect upon the profound transformation and expansion I've experienced during this time, leaving me overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude. Amanda's mentorship has been a breath of fresh air, completely free from hierarchical constraints. Instead, it has flourished organically, aligning perfectly with my personal growth journey. Her vast reservoir of wisdom, acquired through years of dedicated research and extensive travels, serves as a perpetual wellspring of inspiration and enlightenment.

Additionally, her deepest knowings, channeled messages, and intuitions have further enriched my experience. Through working with Amanda, all these abilities have been awakened within me, resulting in significant breakthroughs in uncovering my unique purpose, acknowledging my worthiness, and stepping into my divine power. There is still much work ahead but I have no doubt that she will be graciously by my side me, assisting me through.

What sets Amanda apart is her remarkable ability to lead divinely activating inner journeys. These explorations within the depths of myself have been profoundly transformative and stunningly beautiful. Through her guidance, Amanda not only ignited my creative spirit but also nurtured its expansion beyond my wildest imagination.


Alex B.


Crystal A.

I had such an amazing and profound experience in Amanda’s course. I had a huge release during the duration of the week and felt the energy working through me on so many levels. I’m still processing the experience over a week later. 

I am so grateful for the experience to be transported to ancient lands and receive ancient mystery gifts✨🙏🏻🌹

i had a huge release

Patrick F.
conscious business coach

Amanda's course is amazing. The knowledge and wisdom included in this course is worth the investment alone, but here meditations are magical and what help you embody the new abundance energies in your body. I am to noticing energies unlock in me that I haven’t seen before. They feel like flow. They feel like ease. From taking the 8 Keys, it feels like a new chapter where I get to create a life I love from grace and abundance. Would recommend for anyone that is feeling stuck and like they are energetically blocked to step into their power.

it feels like a new chapter

Soul shares

Angela S.
Reiki Energy Worker

I trust you more than any Reiki master I've ever had. And I have MAJOR trust issues. You're the teacher that showed up for me when I needed you. Thank you!!

I Trust you more than anyone

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© This Art Called Life

© This Art Called Life