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The Mastery Monthly Membership offers a private social platform to keep you connected to your path and in a community of high vibe like-minded souls.

Keep your vibration high and aligned with your vision while receiving access to a vault of courses, content, tools, and practices to strengthen your inner foundation and cultivate your inner light, as well as visualizations, activations, member-only audios to deeper your innerstanding of energetic shifts we experience, channeled messages, and the journey of awakening and ascension, a private member community space to share, connect, uplift, an empower, and complimentary and discounted access to special workshops.

We are here to connect, uplift, and inspire each other so that we can have a ripple out into the collective and create the Foundation for New Earth consciousness!

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Private Community Space in a private social network to post, share, connect, connect, uplift, and inspire

Immediate Access to my Library of Tools including:
  • High Heart Portal Freedom Activation
  • Infinite Possibilities Visualization
  • Future Self Visualization
  • Higher Self Activation
  • New Earth Frequency Activation
  • Frequency Fixers Video Series
  • Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation
  • Mindset Reset Guide
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Refresh Cleanse Guide
  • Chakra Healing Guide

Access to special energy update content and guided meditations to work with the energies

Monthly Community Call to share and connect 

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Courses to Help you Strengthen the Foundation of Your Body Temple:
  • The Breath of Life: Breathwork Foundations
  • Body Power
  • Know Thyself: The Clarity Key
  • Energetic Cleansing & Protection
  • Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Abundance Reset
  • Align & Shine

Meet Your Host,
Amanda Kelly

Amanda Sahrai Kelly is a Self-Mastery Catalyst, Intuitive Soul Guide and Priestess of the Rose in service to the path of Love. In 2016, with two psychology degrees and 3 yoga teacher trainings under her belt, she was diagnosed as cancer, and very early on she intuitively knew it was an awakening of some kind, though with limited spiritual inclination until then, she never could have foreseen the path it would lead her down.

Knowing deep down that it was not her time to die but rather her job to heal the family pattern of dying from cancer, she dove deep into every layer of healing as she went through the diagnostic process and throughout her chemo treatment. As soon as treatment was over, she began a Transformational Health Coaching Program, which led to another certification in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. 

After hitting roadblock after roadblock, she continued to dive deeper on the holistic path, healing the chemo-induced gut issues, adrenal fatigue stage 3 and insomnia due to imbalanced hormones. She dove deeper into trauma and the energetics held within the body, eventually finding herself in an Embodied Ascension training and then on an unexpected Soul Journey that guided her toward the Priestess Path that eventually through a series of spontaneous synchronicities took her to Sacred Sites and Planetary Vortexes around the globe, receiving soul code activations along the way, preparing her for this time of mass transition and Planetary Awakening and Shift in Consciousness. 

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