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Allowing the essence of Divine Love to Flow through you


Radiate Your Light

Be a Beacon of Embodied Love

And flow as the Embodied Wayshower you came here to BE

We are entering a year of infinite possibilities, an 8 year of abundance

It's time to Play in the Frequency of Possibility

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Ready for mastery

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Meet Your Guide

Amanda Kelly is a Life Expansion and Empowerment Mentor, Spiritual Self-Mastery Catalyst, Intuitive Soul Guide, Divine Feminine Embodied Leadership Mentor, and Priestess of the Rose in service to the path of Love. In 2016, with two psychology degrees and 3 yoga teacher trainings under her belt, she was diagnosed with cancer, and very early on she intuitively knew it was an awakening of an innate soul truth.

Knowing deep down that it was not her time to die but rather her job to heal the family pattern of dying from cancer, she immersed herself in every layer of healing as she went through the diagnostic process and throughout her chemo treatment.

Diving ever deeper into healing, she began to unroot the trauma and the profound energetics held within the body, eventually finding herself in an Embodied Ascension training and then on an unexpected Soul Journey that guided her toward the Priestess Path that eventually through a series of spontaneous synchronicities took her to Sacred Sites and Planetary Vortexes around the globe, receiving soul code activations along the way, preparing her for this time of mass transition and Planetary Awakening and Shift in Consciousness. 

Integrating the Masculine Way of Mastery with the Feminine Way of Beauty rests at the core of her teachings to ultimately create and express from the illuminated truth of love.

She is honored to be of service, guiding other souls to more fully embody and express the light within so that together we can catalyze the transformation and mass awakening of humanity so that we can create a world built on a foundation of love, beauty, harmony, abundance, and peace for all. 

Amanda Kelly

Linda A Ostman will guide our Creative Art Alchemy and Painting Workshop.

Linda A Ostman, Artist & Creative Alchemist


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Insert amazing review here:



Crystal A.

I had such an amazing and profound experience in Amanda’s course. I had a huge release during the duration of the week and felt the energy working through me on so many levels. I’m still processing the experience over a week later. 

I am so grateful for the experience to be transported to ancient lands and receive ancient mystery gifts✨🙏🏻🌹

i had a huge release

Patrick F.
conscious business coach

Amanda's course is amazing. The knowledge and wisdom included in this course is worth the investment alone, but here meditations are magical and what help you embody the new abundance energies in your body. I am to noticing energies unlock in me that I haven’t seen before. They feel like flow. They feel like ease. From taking the 8 Keys, it feels like a new chapter where I get to create a life I love from grace and abundance. Would recommend for anyone that is feeling stuck and like they are energetically blocked to step into their power.

it feels like a new chapter

Soul shares

Seriné A.
herbalist, Permaculture & Holistic Living Guide

Amanda is like a breath of fresh air. The way she accompanies you through your process is sweet and nourishing. Her lightness allows you to feel at ease in her presence while her depth opens doors for profound transformation. She is brimming with life and despite its challenges transports  deep and prevalent sense of joy with her every word. This to me is true mastery and I can absolutely recommend working with her. 

a breath of fresh air

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