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Recorded on Magdalene Day, This activation attunes you to the frequencies of the rose, including purity, passion, and unconditional love, to unlock the codes and unblock the flow of the divine feminine.

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A simple yet imperative tool on our spiritual journey, this guided meditation will assist you in regularly cleansing your energy field so you can feel and operate at your best

The first visualization I ever recorded, it guides you on an expansive and beautiful journey to meet your future self

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Divine Feminine Embodiment Activation

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Golden Flame Divine Union Integration Activation

This powerful Higher Self activation came through on the Summer Solstice 2023 to help us fully embody our higher self through the reclamation of our throne complete with a crown and etheric wing activation

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Embark on a beautiful journey back to self, a return to wholeness and remembrance of your power, beauty, and divinity. This beautiful and powerful journey guides us through the velvety flames of alchemy in the heart and womb space to release old energies and integrate aspects of self to reclaim our power.

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The high heart chakra is a portal to accessing the divine flow of consciousness and abundance, linking above and and below. This beautiful journey helps to open your High Heart to Receive.

Higher Self Activation

High Heart Chakra Activation

Energy Cleanse Meditation

Future Self Visualization


This beautiful shadow work guide includes transmissions working with the goddesses and the integrating duality Golden Flame guided meditation as well as self-inquiry journaling questions to help you examine and integrate all aspects of self into wholeness

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This simple and comprehensive guide provides the how-tos, food lists, what to avoid, simple yet delicious recipes, as well as activities to support your cleanse journey

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shadow work guide

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Energy Hygiene and protection guide

This simple yet comprehensive chakra healing guide outlines the essentials you need to know to clear your chakras and allow your energy to flow

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Clearing and protecting our energy is a crucial part of our journey as we open up to expand and integrate higher and higher frequencies. This concise guide includes three videos to assist you in integrating helpful practices into your routine

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This downloadable bundle includes access to a number of powerful tools and resources to integrate into your lifestyle in order to master your self, your life, and your reality

chakra healing guide

whole foods cleanse guide

self-mastery bundle


Unlock the frequency contained within your unique blueprint to become an unstoppable magnetic energy that flows with ease through the world, creating magic and manifesting miracles

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It's time to shine! If you've been feeling stuck or stagnant, it's time to change things up and shift your energy into momentum and flow

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Embodied Mastery

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Wholy Shift

Recorded on the 777 portal, this masterclass will help to reveal and integrate aspects of the Worthiness Wound to Expand Your Container to Receive with actionable guide

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This incredible masterclass series – recorded leading up to the summer solstice – assists you in embodying the wisdom of how to shift  your mindset, shift your energy, and shift your reality through co-creation with the divine

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When we feel like we have a block to our abundance (of all things - money, love, joy, freedom) we usually have upper limits on our capacity to experience these states of being based on our beliefs as well as rooted within. This Experience will assist you in identifying what needs to shift and how to expand

Worthy: The REvolution

the breakthrough

transcend limitation & Activate Abundance

Instant Access Self-Study Courses

This concise yet powerful program guides you into energetic alignment for a quantum expansion and uplevel to align with your soul's destiny and create the life of your dreams by working with the new energies of manifestation

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my signature program of empowerment, mastery, and embodied ascension that brings you on an inner journey of self-discovery to reclaim your power embody your highest potential to shine your light share your unique gifts and serve humanity through a frequency of love
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align & Shine

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heal thyself

Downloaded inside the king's chamber of the great pyramid, these Keys serve as activation codes to upgrade our chakra system to enable our energy body to hold the frequencies in alignment with higher consciousness

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the body is our temple, the vessel for us to have this human experience, yet it encompasses and is influenced by all aspects of self. This course helps to optimize your foundation mindy body and soul, and integrates everything I did (and more) when I was diagnosed with cancer as well as what I did to recover and the habits, routines, and lifestyle I continue to practice today to both maintain and optimize my vessel

The Keys to Abundance

expansion: Path to Mastery

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Mastery Bundle

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