My journey has taken me from cancer to climbing mountains and everything in between. Diving deep and rising even higher. From surviving to thriving. 
Pulled into my own heroine's journey deep into the abyss of the underworld where I rediscovered the truth of myself, rebirthed into a whole new timeline of higher potential and infinite possibility.
Aligned with my truth, integrated mind body soul and spirit, and embodied in my brilliant abundant divine self.
I am obsessed with helping visionaries, lightworkers, soulpreneurs, and heart-centered creators, pattern-breakers, and change-makers align with their soul truth and activate their divine abundance.
It's my highest honor to be able to serve, and I want this for you.

illuminator ✧ Self-Mastery Catalyst ✧ modern day mystic ✧ ABUNDANCE ACTIVATOR ✧ Embodiment Coach ✧ INTUITIVE SOUL GUIDE ✧divine feminine embodied leadership mentor ✧ WRITER ✧ Cancer Thriver ✧ 
 dancing my way around this magical world ✧ on the Path home to wholeness, beauty, and love 𓆩♡𓆪

While I very much feel that life itself is both a training ground and initiation, I also believe that receiving formal training and mentorship is of paramount importance if we are to step into the role of teacher, leader, healer, guide, and mentor ourselves. I have always been intellectually driven, thirsty to learn and experience all that the world has to offer, and life unfolded most synchronistically for me to embrace this path. For a time, my background and experience seemed disparate and incongruous, but now looking back I see how perfectly I was guided to become who I am now and to step into the role of Priestess, Wayshower, and Leader of the New Earth. While my visions were in a sense always guiding me, it's not something I ever truly foresaw – to see myself as a 'leader,' much less embracing the spiritual path, certainly not as a 'Priestess.' 

But what formally 'qualifies' me to step into this role? In truth, my educations, certifications, trainings, and studies are many, and ongoing (
I have so much more I am excited to learn!). Below includes a list of my formal training and education, as well as intuitively guided journeys, various modes of healings I've received, and informal experiences that have informed my knowledge and perspective:

  • BA in Psychology from Boston College (Honors Program, minor in French, study abroad in Paris, near minor in Art History, after switching from Biology/ Pre-Med. I won awards for academics, particularly the sciences, all throughout high school)
  • MSc in Social and Cultural/ Economic Social Psychology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (I kind of made up my own degree there!) where I received a Distinction (top honors) on my Dissertation
  • 3 Yoga Teacher Training Certifications (600 hours total), after a childhood of gymnastics and sports and a college career as a cheerleader (co-ed stunts and tumbling and the whole 9 – yup I was a flyer!)
  • 2 Full Coaching certifications – Health and Transformation Coaching through HCI and Positive Psychology and Wellbeing through the College of Executive Coaching (needed a Masters degree to be accepted into this training), the foundational transformation process which informs the structure of my own signature program Expansion
  • Precision Nutrition training program (I didn't take the certification test because I realized I had moved beyond it and it wasn't necessary but nearly completed the course material)
  • Gut Healing program (Mind Brain connection)
  • Self Love Course
  • Soul Wealth Coaching Program where I received very high level activations
  • Soul Alignment Business Coaching Program (full year)
  • Transformational Trauma Informed 'Purpose' Program
  • Embodied Ascension Program
  • Shadow Work Intensive Program
  • Priestess of the Rose Program (1 year + 1 year Membership for a full two year devotion to the path within the container)
  • Quantum Touch Healing Training
  • Theta Healing Training
  • Akashic Records Reading Training (2 separate trainings)
  • Myriad other Business focused trainings and programs
  • Numerous retreats, including a Dr. Joe Dispenza Intensive
  • Many Healers, from biomagnetism to bioresonance, Energetic surgery, healings, plant medicine, a ceremony with a private shaman, womb healing, water therapy, and more

Not to mention the countless books, self-study, and exploration and journeys to sacred sites around the world, where my intuition guided me – India, Tulum, Egypt, Glastonbury/ Avalon, South of France, Sedona to name a few. 

my education and training 

In truth, however, I personally feel what makes someone a true authority is the practice, the implementation, the embodiment of the knowledge. Walking the walk...

I've healed from Cancer (Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, 600 hours of chemo), severe adrenal fatigue, insomnia and hormone imbalance, and of course the attenuating gut imbalances post-chemo. I've healed the deeper emotional baggage and trauma from narcissists in all forms of relationship, and cleared a great deal of ancestral trauma from my lineage, not to mention past life soul integration.

Suffice to say – I walk the walk and I've been around the block!

And from a more 'woo' perspective – I've apparently been 'Training for Lifetimes...!' I have pulled the card above numerous times, and a beautiful soul who can tap in with a very fine-toothed comb shared with me just yesterday that she picked up on over 70 (!) lifetimes (of the hundreds I've lived) as a High Priestess (I was aware of a few), which blew my mind ever so slightly and also felt like – Of Course.

I know as I continue to integrate and expand, more and more wisdom will come through to be shared.

I've continually invested in myself and my healing because I held on to the vision of my future so firmly, even when it didn't make any sense. Even when I didn't really have the money. Because I knew I was being guided by something deep within, something much, much bigger than me.

I have continued to dive deep and learn, and I know my evolution and expansion will never end.

I contain a wealth of wisdom and perspective – and I embody it. This is the key.

This is what makes me an effective teacher, guide, healer and mentor. I don't just know the right things to say from knowing things intellectually – I share from a place of Being and Doing.

So when you invest in my programs, you're investing in all of the wisdom and knowledge I have gained and that I pass on to my clients, as well as in my frequency which is rising higher and higher.

My vision has only expanded, and I have never felt more confident or embodied in my mission.

And feedback from those I've worked with consistently reflects this. The work works.

I am a visionary and one of my gifts is connecting the dots as well as illuminating the truth. I activate and expand, simply from being in my energy.

If you feel the call to step forward and shine your light, I would be so honored to be your guide and mentor.

For those ready to embody the wisdom of their soul, unleash their power, and unlock the inner wealth within, Expansion: Journey into Self-Mastery is for you.

For the healers and lightworkers ready to step UP, expand their vision and impact and shine their brilliant light as embodied wayshowers of New Earth consciousness, Illuminate: The Leadershift Mastermind is the path forward.

If you'd like to schedule a 1-1 call to receive clarity on your most aligned next steps (regardless of the path you choose), I offer complimentary Clarity and Alignment calls. Click here to schedule your call, I so look forward to connecting!

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda Sahrai xx

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