Self-Study, Workshops, & Masterminds

1-1 Intuitive soul guidance
60 mins – $144

In this private zoom session that is a unique combination of Akashic records, intuitive energy work, and coaching and mentorship, we will address whatever is coming up for you, such as blocks and blind spots, and tune into what you most need to know right now so you feel lighter and have clarity on how to move forward.
*These are not always available, so if you would like to schedule a session, please do so while you can. 

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Expansion – Journey into Self-Mastery Signature Group program

Are you ready to truly become the master of yourself, and the master of your life?

In this deep dive program, you receive 12 modules of wisdom, tools, and practices plus 6 months of live calls with guidance, support, and other bonuses. 

Curated based on the years of study, trainings, programs, and journeys I have been on, this is a unique program unlike any I've ever seen, cultivating the best of the best. 

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the 8 golden keys to abundance

Downloaded inside the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid, these 8 'keys' help to unlock the power held within out primary energy centers – to heal and upgrade the frequency of our chakras. guided by the mythical ascent and descent of Inanna, this course integrates the wisdom held within ancient myths and archetypes with modern quantum scientific understanding of our energy body. This was recorded during the Lion's Gate portal, completing on 8/8

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the sacred year

As Earth makes her cyclical dance around the sun, this sacred ceremonial container will guide you through the natural and solar cycles of the year as we weave together threads of ancient wisdom with higher galactic consciousness to create the blueprint for the new earth.

Welcoming you for ceremonies on the 8 High Holy Days plus two Bonus Activation and Embodiment Ceremonies, Plus the 8 Golden Keys to Abundance. Merge the masculine and feminine energies and embody the wholeness of your being to activate the potent power within. 

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You are worthy: the immersion
Pay what you can 

Healing the Worthiness Wound to Expand Your Container to Receive
You Are Worthy, Just because you Are. Worthy to Be, Worthy to Receive.
In this Immersion, we will dive deep into how this core wound can manifest in blocks to receiving what we truly desire, and then journey through a process of excavation, release, and reclamation.
By releasing the blocks we create space to receive the blessings of love, abundance, joy, and freedom that are waiting for us to take back our power and claim!

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The Abundance Activator

Abundance is your birthright. It is time to claim your divine inheritance.
In this Immersion you will expand your perception and innerstanding of Abundance and Prosperity to align with New Earth Wealth Consciousness and expand your container to receive.
You will receive access to You Are Worthy. 

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