How to Let Go using the The Autumn Equinox Energy of Transition, Reflection and Transformation

It’s the Autumn Equinox which means it’s officially the season of sweaters, vibrant foliage, and pumpkin spice everything! I adore the cozy vibes of autumn. The warm drinks. The scent of spices and something baking in the oven. The crisp fall air. And the opportunity to turn inward.

The Autumn Equinox – aka the official start of fall – is the perfect time to slow down and take a moment to reflect and honor how far you’ve come, celebrate all that has come to fruition, and express gratitude for all that has passed.

The Autumn Equinox is a time to turn inward and Reflect

It’s a time to be present and come back into balance by shedding the layers and breaking the chains that have been holding you back and blocking your growth.

The transition from light to dark, from outdoors to indoors, from hot to cold encourages us to face what’s been hidden in the dark – the fears and doubts and repressed emotions.

By bringing these pieces of darkness into the light, we can bring awareness to and reflect on the place they have in our lives. Where do these fears and beliefs come from? Are they valid? Are they true for you now? Do they belong in your life now?

Awareness is the first step, then we can acknowledge the role they have served, and then we can begin to heal the ‘broken’ pieces of us – to close the gaps in our disconnected selves.

Autumn Equinox letting go

Making Peace with what was so you can Release and Invite in the New

The Autumn Equinox – and the Spring Equinox for that matter – is a powerful time to let go of what was so that you can create space to become who you are. It’s a time to tap in to your inner wisdom.

“In the Yogic tradition, the Equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibilities of transcending the limitations and compulsions of one’s physical longings.” ~Sadhguru 

Take stock of where you were and get clear on where you want to go – and whatever doesn’t belong in the journey ahead – let that go.

Now is the perfect time to look within and remember that most authentic version of you and tune in to your most authentic inner desires.

Honor the journey you’ve been on, celebrate where you are now, and embrace the future you desire.

What do you really want?

Let go of the limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears.

How to Harness the Autumn Equinox Energy – A Simple Practice and a Simple Ritual

Meditation is a wonderful way to calm the mind and tune in with yourself.

Tune in to to your heart, release challenging emotions and what isn’t serving you into the light, and from the clear space of the void decide what you want to manifest in your life and allow love and possibility to fill you up.

If you want to create a little ritual for the Autumn Equinox, gather anything that holds meaning for you, signifies the fall season and embodies the inspiration you wish you cultivate and carry forward with you throughout the season.

This can include, candles, incense, crystals, warming essential oils, and even things from nature that symbolize fall like fallen leaves or pumpkins.

Put on relaxing music and relax into the moment. Tune inward. Imagine light all around you and within, filling up every cell of your body with light and love. Breathe in the white light and allow it to fill you up with possibility.

Breathe and just be.

Moving Forward – The Power of Journaling

After your meditation, you may find journaling a wonderful method to reflect on the season past and get clear on what you would like to create and cultivate for the coming season.

Be honest with yourself. Note the challenges you faced and how you handled them. What could you do differently? How can you invite more equanimity, love, and peace into your life? Release what feels old, stagnant, or heavy into the light.

Journaling on what you are grateful for is also especially powerful at the Autumn Equinox. List out everything you can think of to be grateful for right now. Then create a list of everything you would like to manifest in your life. What do you want to create?

Throughout the season, you may wish to regularly tune in to notice if there is still stagnant energy and emotional residue. Return to these practices and continue to shed what no longer serves you. Acknowledge, honor, and love whatever it is that comes up – and then release it into the light.

Maintain the gratitude practice and perhaps a daily journaling practice to keep your energy focused on what you want to manifest and create.

Onward and upward in love and light xx Amanda


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