10 (Mostly) Fun Facts About Me and What This Simple Personal Reflection Exercise Taught Me

So the other day I shared a post on my relatively new Facebook page introducing myself for those who don’t know me well. And I thought well heck I should probably share this on my blog as well!

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and it was an awesome opportunity to take a step back and reflect on my life. I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but I kept returning to a space of pure gratitude and abundance.

After sharing this in a group I’m in on Facebook where we were given this mini-challenge, I got a lot of feedback that people felt like they really knew me. Because it creates a fuller picture and more complete story of who I really am. It’s not just a little biography, it’s about my likes and preferences and personal experiences.

This fun little exercise helped me to reconnect with myself, and helped me learn a few things about myself in the process.

I highly encourage you to do this for yourself because it’s a wonderful way to help remind you who you truly are what you’re goals, purpose, and passions are, what has shaped you and what truly lights you up. And it’s straight up FUN!!!

So without further ado… here goes!

10 (Mostly) Fun Facts About Me ????

  • I’m the creator of This Art Called Life, a blog and biz, a 3x certified Mind Body Transformation coach, and a writer and I’m currently writing a book with a working (sub)title How to Get Through Chemo with a Smile ????????
  • I have a BA in psychology from Boston College and an MS in behavioral decision making from the London School of Economics, where I became obsessed with all things social psychology, positive psychology, neuropsychology, mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, etc ‍????
  • I was born in NYC, raised in north NJ, and now live in Miami Beach. I’ve traveled to 43 countries and 30 states, and have lived in 5 countries ✈️????
  • Growing up I competed nationally in gymnastics til I retired at 15. My career started after I cartwheeled through Disney World at the age of 8 and post-retirement I went on to join the travel cheer squad at Boston College for both football and basketball (during the era of Matty Ice for any Falcons fans!). I LOVE to dance!! ????‍♀️????????
  • My favorite colors are purple and teal and I only write in purple pen and drive a teal-green stick-shift Mini Cooper named Luna complete with white racing stripes and moon roof! ????
  • Since I was a little girl my favorite animal has been elephants and I have a collection of over 100 (trunk up for good luck!) ????
  • I was diagnosed with cancer – Primary Mediastinal Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma – in April 2016 at the age of 30 and I received 600 hours of DA-R-EPOCH inpatient in NYC at Cornell. I’ve experienced multiple other physical and emotional traumas throughout my life. My hair was naturally fire-red before I lost it from chemo! ????????
  • I’m a 3x certified yoga instructor, and I spent a month at an ashram in India for my first training. My favorite studio in Miami is a hip-hop hot power flow style studio 
  • My hobby used to be baking fancy cupcakes but since my body’s more sensitive, now I have a healthy obsession with all things wellness and I balance it out with dark chocolate and fake coffee ‘mochas’ with vegan chocolate protein powder every morning ????☕️
  • I’m a lifelong learner and science nerd with a knack for teaching. In high school I was a bio nerd and was in the Science league (aka mathletes for science), and attended mini med school but in college switched majors from bio to psychology. I then became a math, science and SAT tutor/academic coach in NYC where I eventually became the director of the performance program and developed and lead trainings on managing anxiety and deep breathing. My greatest superpower is learning almost anything and teaching it to others in a simple way! My current fascinations are epigenetics and quantum physics ????

What I Learned About Myself Through Personal Reflection

Creating this brought me back and helped me reconnect with my inner child. It helped me to remember my innocent child-like sweetness and instances that helped to shape who I’ve become. I was a playful little girl who skipped everywhere she went. I was also a serious and diligent student. I was extremely shy. I was driven to excel.

All of these parts of me are still inside. I’m far less shy now, but the introvert in me still craves my space and downtime. I’m still driven by excellence but working on lessening the grip of perfection. I’ve blossomed and I’m still continuing to grow, evolve, transform, and bloom into my full radiance.

I’d love to learn more about you, and I love to put my superpowers to use! What are some fun tidbits you’d like to share? What are you curious about? How can I serve you? Share in the comments below!! ????✨????????


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