How to Trust Life – Especially when the Universe Keeps Testing You

Trust is a funny thing. Trust is a fragile thing. It can take a while to build and be broken in an instant. Rebuilding trust is often a challenging thing. And it’s one of those things that shows up in life over and over again – in relationships, in business, and in virtually every important matter in life.

Trust has been a theme for me lately, coming up in every way shape and form. So I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter, because building that trust muscle is the key to resilience, healing, growth, and expansion. It’s the key to living a vibrant and inspired live.

How does the issue of ‘trust’ show up for you? Maybe you identify yourself as having ‘trust issues.’ Maybe you’re overly trusting. Maybe you’re too trusting when it comes to some things and not trusting enough when it comes to others.

Do you trust the Universe? Or life, or God, or whatever other entity you identify with? Do you trust others? Do you trust yourself…?

Sometimes it seems like life has us up against the wall, throwing things at us from left and right. Maybe things never seem to go right. Maybe things were going along smoothly and then bam the rug is swept from under your feet and suddenly you find yourself in the depths of crisis or trauma.

Perhaps you get cancer, then you lose your job, or can’t function well enough to go back. Perhaps side effect after side effect crops up. Perhaps a loved one passes from cancer or some other unexpected tragedy. Perhaps your finances are drained. Perhaps your relationships become strained. Perhaps one opportunity after another falls through. Perhaps one night you find yourself sobbing on the bathroom floor, feeling desperate, alone, and afraid.

Many of these have been me.

Perhaps this is the Universe testing you. Perhaps this is the Universe telling you to step back from that space of worry fear and doubt. Perhaps this is the Universe calling you to ‘lean in’ to trust and love and faith.

Maybe it’s time for you to take that leap of Faith. To do that thing that’s been calling you from deep within yourself.

Maybe it’s simply time for you to let go. To let go and let love.

One of the biggest roadblocks to transformation is Trust. If you’re not operating from a place of trust, you’re blocking the opportunities and possibilities.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.” 

― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Trust allows you to go outside your comfort zone. The ironic thing is that comfort zones are typically not that comfortable – they tend to just keep us stuck where we are in a place that’s not so… comfortable. They’re ‘comfortable’ because they’re known.

Humans tend to be a little scared of the unknown for rational evolutionary reasons. However for the most part we’ve evolved beyond the days of saber tooth tigers and lack of reliable shelter.

Even if the comfort zone brings us some degree of comfort, eventually we will become restless because staying put will lead to stagnation. Humans are meant to grow and evolve – we are here to expand. Stepping outside your comfort zone stretches you into new possibilities, adventures, and excitement. It’s what lights us up and inspires us.

Having the courage to step outside our boundaries also stimulates our growth and expansion. Courage enables us to step up.

Living from a space of inspiration and possibility is what allows us to thrive. Trust allows us to grow and strive to fulfill our potential. In essence, trusting is a key factor in truly thriving

The fact of the matter is, negative emotions and feelings like worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, stress, etc deplete our energy. They are dense and low vibration. Shifting into a space of trust helps to conserve our energy reserves. So many of us today feel depleted because we are expending so much of our energy on these negative emotions that are, for the most part, based on irrational thoughts and fears.

If on the other hand you live from a space of trust, you develop a belief that everything will be ok. Things may get rough for a while, but things will turn out ok. Trust empowers us to respond to whatever it is that life throws at us with inner strength and resilience.

Trust heals. Cultivating inner trust empowers us to take back control and take responsibility for the way we respond to life, which means leaving that victim story behind. Healing these old stories of victimization allows us to release energy blocks and old patterns.

Trust is a key to manifestation. Once our energy beings to flow again, and life becomes seemingly magical – opportunities, synchronicities, and connections show up for us, seemingly out of thing air at exactly the right moment. Living from a space of fear, self-doubt and uncertainty projects into the world around us, so releasing these patterns enables transformation and healing.

To live from a place of trust is to live in true alignment with your mind, body, heart, and soul. You feel good. Your energy feels higher. You feel more confident, empowered, and self-assured, which further increases your energy. Your dreams become possible and then like magic they become reality.

This is the upward spiral that transformation generates, and that in turn generates transformation. Trust is the magic key to the kingdom. The more you allow trust to lead, the more life will conspire for you, and the more your life will expand. The bud will blossom into a vibrant, radiant bloom, expressing the beauty of life in its fullest expression.

So, how do you learn to trust?

Here are some key steps to cultivate trust in life and in yourself:

  • The best way to trust is to just do it. Start trusting. It’s a practice.
  • When you find yourself in a challenging situation, let go and surrender. Take deep breaths.
  • Take a step back and gain a little perspective. Ask yourself – What is the lesson here? What is the Universe trying to tell me? Was this situation meant to serve my growth and transformation in some way? Did this happen to shake me out of a quiet slumber and get me back on my path? Is this a call to step more fully into my power? Is this a course-correction or a kick in the butt to get down to business living my purpose?
  • Take out a journal and get your thoughts down, perhaps using the above as prompts. Don’t edit yourself – let it flow.
  • Keep going.
  • Keep trusting.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed, frustrated, or low-energy, you’re ready to release the old wounds, fears, and patterns that aren’t serving you, I am here for you. If you’re ready to heal what’s holding you back, reclaim your vitality, reignite your passion, and step back into your purpose and power, schedule a Breakthrough to Wholeness Session with me now.

I see you. I love you. I Got You.

You Got This.

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda xx


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