September Vibes ✨ A Fresh chapter in the Big Shift and deep release to Reset

Happy September! It’s officially my favorite month of the year! Woot! 

I’ve always loved September for that fresh chapter vibe it brings – a new school year, a new season, a new opportunity to reset (not to mention it’s my bday month ;).

And this year the start of September brings a double dose of that reset energy – with yesterday (early) morning’s full moon (in Pisces for those astrology lovers out there!). 

The combined energy is calling for us to slow down, pause, and reflect as we hit that reset button. Reflect on what it is we what to cultivate – but most importantly, what it is time to release and let go of.

The letting go process is important for moving forward. It enables us to clean the slate and create the space to invite something new in.

A new way of being, a new way of seeing, a new way of showing up.

The full moon is always an opportune time to release stagnant energies and let go of old patterns that no longer serve us so we can write a new story for this fresh chapter in our lives.

This is what I’ve been doing myself – I booked myself a little overnight staycation to start the month off with a fresh start. A little gift to myself, but a very necessary one it turned out.

Since I got back from my road trip, it’s been go-go-go for me. I also had a virtual hypnosis healing session this morning, and with that on the agenda and my birthday this weekend, a staycation did seem like a perfect way to give myself a chance to reset.  

In the last couple of days, the universe also delivered some poignant ‘triggers’ for me to help bring up issues ready for release. 

So tune in and consider:

– What past hurts or resentments are you holding on to?
– What old stories or limiting beliefs are you still allowing to run the show? 
– What triggers you?

‘Triggers’ are helpful in showing us where we have work to do, whether that entails forgiving, feeling and expressing that uncomfortable feeling you’ve been keeping buried, or rewriting that old story. 

We are collectively being thrust into a great transformation, a big shift, a collective reset, so we each have to show up and do the work individually so we can all show up more fully, more powerfully, more completely expressing our individual truth. 

Surrender the old patters and claim your new story. You got this. 

And together, we rise. 

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda xx

PS – My new Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Reset is the perfect way to release, reset, and shift you into the momentum of transformation. It includes my Infinite Possibilities Visualization, Mindset Reset guide, journaling prompts, and habits to guide you and keep you grounded in creating a beautiful, abundant new reality of vitality and success!


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