Four Years in the Clear and No Fear – Remission Reflections

Happy end of September… and what a month it’s been! Two birthdays for me and lots of digging deep. Reflecting, releasing, and letting go of fear.

We are in a time of massive transition, and with the change in season, moon phases, personal birthdays, societal turmoil, and energetic shifts happening on the planet, I’ve been doing quite a lot of reflection lately.

And to be clear… my second ‘birthday’ is the anniversary of my remission scan, which I saw as officially confirming and reaffirming my second chance at life! So for me, September is all about celebration and reflection.

Remission ‘Rebirth-day’: Celebrating the Milestones

Sunday the 27th was my official four years anniversary of my remission scan  – what I lightheartedly now refer to as my ‘Rebirthday’!  

In keeping with tradition… I struck my Beyonce vibes pose 😉

Celebrating these moments of my cancer journey is about recognizing and honoring the milestones, growth, and progress I have made.

Cancer for me was life-changing – but ultimately in a beautiful way. It was a wake up call – and my intuition told me this very early on.

The journey was certainly not a fun one nor would I wish it upon anyone, but there were many silver linings and I have grown so much along this windy road of healing.

Gaining Perspective on Life and Death and Shedding the Fear

I know not everybody sees it this way, but that is my experience; facing the imminent threat of death has given me invaluable perspective and my spiritual connection has deepened immensely.

Now, I live with very little fear I am inordinately grateful for that. Especially now in the chaotic time we are living in. Trust me I’m not immune to the dips and lows of the roller coaster, but I don’t dwell in the fear-based emotions and I bounce back quite quickly.

Truth is, Fear is actually the ‘enemy’ we’re collectively facing. Fear shuts down creativity and critical thinking. It puts us in survival mode, which also shuts down the immune system– the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we need, and, of course, same goes for cancer patients!

I took action at the mere hint that this thing inside me *might* have been cancer. I pulled out all the stops – I would do whatever it took to heal.

Sure enough, I handled treatment super well and responded incredibly quickly.

The light at the tunnel shone brighter and brighter.

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The Key to Releasing My Fear

A huge part of that was simply the fact that I took action in the direction of taking control of my healing, which in and of itself was a form of life-affirming empowerment. By taking proactive action, I was signaling to the universe that I chose life. 

That’s the key – every single moment we have a choice: to choose life, to choose love, to choose hope. 

It’s easy to fall into the spiral of fear, despair, and hopelessness, especially when we tune in to the chaos dominating the world around us.

Or to simply remain stuck, going round and round in the circle of repeated patterns that move us nowhere.

But we do have a choice. A choice about how we show up and how we choose to perceive our reality.

Every choice we make builds on itself, and with conscious intention of choosing what is most aligned for us in each moment, we start to change the trajectory of that spiral. We start to move up. Rather than going round and round or down.

We can choose forward progression. Momentum. Upward trajectory.  

We can choose to spiral upward. 

Proactive Measures to Reduce Anxiety, Promote Health, and Protect Yourself

So I encourage everyone who is experiencing anxiety, fear, overwhelm, stress – please consider taking proactive measures to protect yourself.

  • Turn off the negative news 
  • Eat fresh foods and drink super clean water
  • Take your vitamins and minerals, Vitamin D in particular, zinc, and Vitamin C (we don’t get enough even from fresh foods these days!)
  • Get out in Nature, especially sunshine 
  • Laugh 
  • Play
  • Go on an adventure
  • Get curious and research a new topic
  • Pick up that hobby
  • Move your body
  • Dance
  • Meditate
  • Breathe deep

And, if you dare, do the deep inner work that will allow you to emerge from the cocoon as a butterfly, so you can glide up the spiral of growth and awakening rather than staying stuck going round and round in circles for the rest of your life.

Choose life. Choose love. Choose joy. Choose freedom.

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda xx

Ready to dive in and go deeper?

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