Election Uncertainty: Keep Looking Toward the Light…

Woah the Anxiety this week has been REAL. The opposite of Light.

I felt the incredibly dense energy on Monday and Tuesday – even the weather here in Miami was eerie, gray, incredibly windy, and ominous.

Then yesterday we woke up to no answers. And more gray and windy weather. 

No matter what ‘side’ you are on…. ALL of us are grappling with so many layers of ‘what is going to happen…’ 

Election 2020: More of the Abnormal Reality We’ve Been Living

Let’s be clear: NONE of this is ‘NORMAL.’ Nothing about 2020 has been ‘normal.’ 

We are experiencing yet another form of deep uncertainty. Our political system is breaking down even further. 

Friendly Reminder: we are all in this together ????????

No matter what happens, Let’s not let a broken system tear us apart – remember: divided we fall.

Divided We Fall, But Together We Transform

Let’s treat each other with kindness, respect, and even better – listen to others’ viewpoints with curiosity and an open mind.

These days society would have us be so polarized that natural discussion and conversation are off the table if someone doesn’t take the same ‘moral high ground’ as another… that’s not how compromise happens, that’s not how evolution and growth happens.

That’s not how we transform society into something that works.

We all have different perspectives based on the information we see and read. We all have blind spots, and we are all allowed to change our minds as new information comes to light.

If we open our minds and hearts, together we can transform the world. It may not be the smoothest process, but I have all the hope and faith in the world that truth and light and love will ultimately win.

Go Inside: Inner Work to Boost our Inner Strength and Internal Trust

More than ever, we must go within and bolster our inner strength. Focus on the beautiful future we want to create. 

Remember to Breathe. 

And I encourage you do meditate or do a visualization. Here’s the link for my Infinite Possibilities Visualization to help you stay connected to the light of your abundant vision. 

I for one am never giving up and will never give in to the fear. I am here to hold the light – now until forever.

And we all have the ability to tune in, tap in, and shine bright. Let this be the time you chose light over dark, love over fear. Let this be the time you choose to be the change.

The more of us who reclaim our power and stand in our truth, the more of us who step up and shine light into the darkness, the more powerfully we will be able to transform humanity and shift into the new paradigm – a Golden Age of Light, Love, and Miracles.

The time is Now. The choice is Yours.

Stay in Integrity. Stay in Light. Stay in Love. Stay in Trust. 

Together, we Rise


Sending oodles of love and light, Onward and Upward

Amanda xx

PS – Here is my latest YouTube: Trust the Signs: How To Recognize, Trust and Follow the Signs


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