My First Week in Tulum: Extremes of Light and Dark

Wow. What a roller coaster of a first week in Tulum. I moved here exactly one week ago, following strong intuitive guidance from Day One of my trip here in November.

Since I arrived just last week, my time here has contained some of the highest of high vibe magical experiences, as well as some of the lowest, darkest situations I’ve ever encountered.

I knew I was called here to help anchor in the light codes. I knew it wasn’t a random calling. I knew the powerful light contained here was counterbalanced by some very dark energies.

The intensity was palpable from the moment I arrived. It wasn’t just me experiencing this, but all of my light warrior friends as well.

Then an extreme situation occurred.

Sunday night I was at a beautiful, magical event on the beach with a few friends. One of the highest vibe nights I’ve ever experienced.

After the event, my friend and I were riding down the narrow beach road, halted for a moment by a taxi picking someone up. We noticed a car speed off in the opposite direction, revealing a girl stumbling by with her bicycle, hysterical, crying ‘Help! They just tried to rape me!’

In disbelief I watched her collapse on the side of the long dark road, just opposite us; we pulled right over. She was completely covered in blood and had a giant swollen gash on her forehead. She was hysterical beyond the point of consolation.

My friend cradled her as she shook and sobbed, They left me here! They left me! A few others had pulled over and were calling an ambulance. I tried searching for her missing phone. My friend just continued to cradle her as she cried ‘Don’t leave me’ The ambulance arrived and as she got up she tried to find her phone again, still hysterical and not coherent.

The ambulance shockingly began to drive off with her turning to run after it ‘Please don’t leave me! Please take me to the hospital!’ so I had to run way up the road yelling after it, finally reaching it and convincing them to go back.

She wouldn’t go alone, so we negotiated with the ambulance to allow us both to come. We tried tracking down her Uncle who she was on vacation with, returned to the scene to look for her phone once more, and ensured she had calmed down and had the paperwork sorted out before we finally left.

The following morning we heard back from her deeply grateful uncle that she had returned safely to her accommodations, and in reply I relayed how traumatized she had been and offered some ways to help her process.

I received a beautiful message directly from her. ‘God’s been trying to tell me something and I’m just blessed to be here, now I can listen. This experience is truly humbling and I appreciate you so much for supporting me in my time of need, you were literally my angels!’

Meanwhile, I myself had been triggered by the profound horror and evil of the situation. Three of my own past traumas came back to the surface. I had thought I had processed them fully, but witnessing the sheer brutality of her situation put my body fully back in the shock response.

Fortunately my body took over and knew what to do. Involuntary shakes, release on multiple levels, hot showers, and rest in a space of safety and protection followed by those messages informing us she was ultimately safe, allowed me to process, release, and integrate the situation.

None of this was random. We were meant to be there in that exact moment. Had we left just seconds earlier, we would have passed by her a moment too soon. Others pulled over but no one wanted to get fully involved. As I spoke to the ambulance, another who had offered help pulled up in a taxi straight up said to me ‘Girl, my best advice to you is to get out of here right now.’ Then he drove off.

As intense as it was for my friend and me, I’m so grateful we were guided to be there in that moment.

We had the ability to hold the space for the situation. That is our job. To hold space.

We’ve done the deep healing work. Now we have the capacity to help others do the same.

Process. Release. Integrate. This is what we came here to do.

To help transmute and transcend the dark and integrate it into the light.

We are living in very crazy times right now, so please know, I am here for you ❤

Sending so much light, love and healing to you. We got this. Onward and upward in love and light (no matter what), Amanda xx


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