Today is World Cancer Day, and in honor of survivors, thrivers, and warriors, I wanted to share my recent thoughts and perspectives based on my journey – and the biggest lesson I learned in the process. My number one lesson from Cancer: Life is meant to be LIVED. Fully. Completely. Joyfully.  On your terms.  Fear […]

Wow. What a roller coaster of a first week in Tulum. I moved here exactly one week ago, following strong intuitive guidance from Day One of my trip here in November. Since I arrived just last week, my time here has contained some of the highest of high vibe magical experiences, as well as some […]

Woah the Anxiety this week has been REAL. The opposite of Light. I felt the incredibly dense energy on Monday and Tuesday – even the weather here in Miami was eerie, gray, incredibly windy, and ominous. Then yesterday we woke up to no answers. And more gray and windy weather.  No matter what ‘side’ you are on…. ALL of […]

More Soup for You It’s October and while the days have still been warm, the mornings and evenings are cool and the air has that distinct autumn crisp. I’ve totally been feeling all the fall feels. Pumpkin, squash, soup, and yes, more soup. So today I have for you: Creamy celery soup, vegan, paleo, and […]

Hello my friends! Happy weekend! So lately I’ve been working on updates and technical things (that are a bit beyond me) and for some of these techy reasons I have relocated my blog. You’ll find it at the same url: but if you’ve followed it via (and if you have, THANK YOU!!) you […]

Juice up your life Last year after I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I immediately went into research mode and dove into everything I could find when it came to anti-cancer nutrition. Carrot juice came up time and again: there were numerous stories of miraculous recoveries from the simple consumption of carrot juice alone. Resource after […]

All the Italian in me To the best of my knowledge, I have zero Italian in me. But I was born in Manhattan and raised in New Jersey, so I know good pizza and I know good Italian food. And I’ve been to Italy. The bread. The cheese. The pasta. The gelato…. I ate alllll […]

The S Factor Anytime I overindulge a bit in the food department and stray from my typical healthy eating habits (hi bachelorette, reunion, and wedding all within 9 days), I revert to the S factor: really Simple eating, comprised primarily of soups, salads, and smoothies, with a little low-sugar vegetable juice thrown in for good […]

Spice up your summer Hey guys, I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! I spent mine celebrating my cousin’s soon-to-be wife’s (so does that make her my future cousin-in-law? ;)) bachelorette on Cape Cod and phew I’m exhausted but feeling so nourished.

Nostalgia in a mug I love coffee and everything about it – the scent of the beans, the comfort of a coffee shop, the ritual of my morning perk-in-a-cup. This morning ritual is a full sensory experience for me. It’s not about the caffeine; it’s about everything that comes along with this deeply sensual beverage. Wherever I am, […]






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