A Spiritual Perspective on 2020: From Darkness to Light

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that this year has been a little… strange! Fear, chaos, confusion everywhere…. Enter spirituality.

Between the shutdown and the ongoing turmoil, this year has spurred me to go deeper and deeper on my own personal journey, and it’s been on my mind to share a bit more about the insights I’ve gained…. 

Because I’ve become so much more grounded, clear, and free in the process. And because I see so much hope on the other side of the chaos.

Exploring the Dark to Find the Light

The darkness is actually meant to be explored, but so often we feel lost in the dark because we’ve forgotten about the light within. 

Reconnecting with this light is about reconnecting with our essence, and this is the most powerful source of resilience. It comes from within. 

My path of healing and reconnecting with my inner power – the light within – has ultimately become a path of reconnecting with my sense of spirituality.

I don’t mean that in some airy-fairy woo-woo way (although yes I do love a bit of woo and crystals and magic! ;). Nor do I mean it in any kind of religious context (though if that path is what works for you, by all means go with it.)

My Journey: Science, Spirituality, and the Magic of Connection

Interestingly enough, by digging in to new breakthroughs in science and healing, it’s all brought me back to spirituality. Science is beginning to confirm spiritual wisdoms passed down from ancient times. 

Ultimately, my journey has lead me here. To seeing the spiritual significance of the massive global shifts happening in 2020.

It’s frankly quite new territory for me so I was hesitant to share some of these ideas. But lately I’ve stumbled into several encouraging conversations where these ideas organically arose and the other parties were surprisingly receptive and intrigued.

Next Chapter, New Platforms

So, I decided it was time, and I also decided to create a YouTube channel as a platform where I can share my insights and perspectives on healing, personal growth and transformation, yoga, new developments in science and how science and spirituality are beginning to merge. And who knows what else…!

So my first video for YouTube is officially up – A Spiritual Perspective on 2020!

I also uploaded the interview I did a few weeks ago for the Spiritpreneurship Summit, detailing a bit more about my journey of transformation from cancer crisis to spiritual awakening and stepping in to my ‘Superpowers!’ 🙂

I wanted to share my perspectives on all of the shifts that have been occurring this year through the lens of my own journey of inquiry and the insights I’ve gained, and hopefully provide a little hope as well… 

I plan to post more on various topics such as manifestation, breath work, yoga, meditation, earthing, post-traumatic growth, the merging of spirituality and science, quantum physics, epigenetics, what ‘awakening’ really means, shadow work, instant manifestation, and a whole list of other topics, including expanding on some of the ideas and insights I bring up here. So if it resonates, please like, subscribe, and share! 

Sending so much light and love, onward and upward! 

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda xx


PS – And if you’re ready to go deeper, let’s connect! Email me amanda@thisartcalledlife.com and we’ll set up a call where we can dig deeper to uncover your big vision, deepest desires, and aligned goals, uncover what’s been blocking you or holding you back, and figure out next steps to create an aligned, abundant, and beautiful life where you are healed, integrated, and connected with your power so that you can share your unique gifts and live a fully aligned and expressed version of your life! 

Want more now?

Take the next step on your journey with my Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Reset for Abundance, Vitality and Success!


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