Creating Heaven on Earth – The New Golden Age, Ascension, 5D, and the New Earth

Phew… What a year 2020 was! And what a year 2021 has already been in just a few short weeks. Last year, so many were building up the transition that would come on December 21st, 2020 which for so many would herald in a new era.

A Golden Age. Heaven on Earth. 5D. The New Earth. So many have probably been left wondering… what happened? And so many others are probably like… what on earth is all this nonsense about?

As part of the Let There Be Light series I did on YouTube last month from December 1st through 21st, I dove in to the topics of light and dark, ascension, 5D, and what all of this means. And is any of it even real..?

Can we really create Heaven on Earth? Are we fooling ourselves to think that it’s even possible?

The Choice Is Ours – We Always Have a Choice

I believe we always have a choice. Whether we realize it or not, we all choose the reality we experience with each and every thought, choice, and action. We create our reality, whether it’s conscious or unconscious.

This works on the level of the collective as well. Collectively, we create the world we live in. Beginning with our individual choices, and extending into the collective society, we choose how beautiful or disharmonious our world gets to be.

When we become conscious of this truth, we can then become conscious collaborators – conscious co-creators – of the world we wish to live in – of the reality we wish to experience.

Personally – I choose Heave on Earth. I choose love, joy, abundance, freedom, bliss, peace, prosperity, ecstasy, and harmony. I choose the New Golden Age of Humanity. And I believe it is possible.

Watch my video Creating Heaven on Earth or read the edited transcript below… no matter where you are or what you’re going through, trust that the light has won, and that you and all of us are far more powerful than we have been lead to believe. We Got This.

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The New Golden Age is Here: Creating Heaven on Earth

We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in history – at the brink of the dawning of a new golden age, one where we have the capacity to create Heaven on Earth, a veritable Garden of Eden without the fall.  

With so much darkness in the world of late, however, it might seem a little far-fetched and difficult to comprehend that we are facing a new golden era. So I want to dive into these ideas – of Ascension, 5D, The New Earth, what are they, what do they actually mean? 

So let’s talk about this idea of creating heaven on earth or creating the ‘New Earth’ and how all of it ties together. These terms all more or less means the same, with slight nuances to the different words, definitions, aspects of each. But more or less, they all tie in to this idea of moving into – or ascending into – a higher vibrational frequency, individually, collectively, and literally at the level of the earth herself. 

Now what does *that* mean: Ascending into a higher frequency? Ascension is, to put it simply, the process of moving upward, emotionally, energetically, vibrationally, and even from a stance of our thoughts, mindset, and feelings. You may be familiar with the notion of Ascension from the Bible – Jesus’s Ascension,

Without gettin caught up in the religious context or connotation, Ascension is connected to the notion of spirituality. Religion and spirituality are different; spirituality to me is simply a notion of feeling connected to something greater than us. 

What is Ascension and how does it work?

The process of Ascension begins with awareness – awareness of our thoughts, emotions, feelings; our being, our essence, and to the Truth of the world around us and how it operates. It is an awareness of our connection to ourselves, to each other, to Nature, to Mother Nature, Source and to the Cosmos. The process of Awakening is essentially the process of waking up the truth. 

So awakening is the precursor to the process of Ascension and Ascension is ascending into a higher vibrational state, a higher vibrational state of love and joy and ease and freedom and bliss and abundance. It is a really beautiful state to be living in where we’ve released the lower vibrational densities, emotions and frequencies, so we literally feel lighter, freer and able to more fully express and just Be. 

Arriving at this state of being takes deep work – digging deep and doing the work – is something we must choose for ourselves. And that’s the thing: it’s a choice, it’s always a choice, but the reward is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; the treasure chest; the holy grail. 

Heaven on Earth is essentially this state of bliss where everybody is operating in this higher vibrational frequency where love and freedom and harmony are the norm. 

Peace, Love, and Harmony Above All

Harmony above all I believe is really what it’s all about. This idea of harmony also means being in harmony with yourself. There’s no critical self-talk, there’s no beating yourself up. There’s no self punishment. And when you’re in harmony with yourself, you are also in alignment with your being, with your mind, body and soul.

Living in an ascended state is living in harmony on all levels of our individual being. But it’s also harmony with others around you, harmony with the earth, harmony with animals, harmony with nature.

So it’s this overall sense of harmony where everything is flows with ease. Everything is going smoothly and people aren’t fighting for resources. Collaboration and cooperation are the rule, and everything flowing with the natural rhythms. Ascending into 5D is very much about getting back into that feminine principle of ease and flow and going with nature’s rhythms and cycles and paying attention and tuning in. 

Which brings us to the notion of tapping in to our intuition. Tuning in with our feminine nature (which exists within all of us, regardless of gender), trusting our intuition, coming into alignment with all aspects of ourselves, and being and creating in harmony on all levels – all of that is bringing us into this new era, this new golden age of light and love that is based on these ideas of living in higher States. 

And it’s all about coming back into love, coming back into heart center, coming back into the heart wisdom because the heart wisdom is the highest wisdom that there is.

So the process of Ascension is really a process of going in and doing the inner work and connecting, connecting within connecting above, connecting below, connecting with all layers, all aspects, all dimensions. And it’s really coming into this idea, this knowledge, this sense of awareness that really everything is connected. We are all one, there is nothing separate. 

Breaking Free from the Illusions of the 3D Matrix

The illusion that we’ve been living in is that everything is separate. And we are here to integrate the polarities. The masculine and the feminine. We are here to release the densities that are holding us down so that we can ascend into these higher level frequencies. 

There are so many tools to help us ground down and anchor in these higher frequency states, components that I’ve discussed in my blog and on YouTube, including meditation and having a clean vessel and doing the deeper inner child work, for example, and getting help going through some of these processes, the shadow work. 

Again, it’s always a choice nobody is going to make you do this, but if it’s something that you desire, then, you know, the shadow work going through the dark night or facing the shadows head on is crucial because it does involve looking at the darker aspects of things that we’ve suppressed and repressed in order to bring them up into the light, to transmute them, to integrate them, to release them.

It’s not the easiest process, but it’s a very, very rewarding process because ultimately the truth is, is that the pot of gold, that we’re all seeking lies within. And once we release all of the densities and the layers of trauma and negativity and toxicity, that often aren’t even ours, the limiting beliefs that we’ve inherited and even ancestral beliefs and traumas, once we do the work and release them, we are able to access levels of joy, love, freedom and abundance we never would have thought possible. 

Forgiveness is a huge part of it, forgiveness for yourself, forgiveness for your ancestors, for your parents, for all of it, because it’s not about making them right. It’s about releasing yourself from the trap of anger and resentment, because that’s a huge one for so many. And the sense of unworthiness, the sense of not good enough, these are universals that really everybody, and those are some of the heaviest things that we carry the guilt and the shame, the anger, the resentment, but also the feeling of hopelessness and despair and self judgment.

There are layers to this, but once we start to work through that muck, then we start to release. We start to feel lighter and lighter, and that often involves literal physical weight loss as well, which is really fascinating. This has even happened for me and I don’t even feel like I look all that different, but the number on the scale is different right now. And I think it’s the densities that were stuck within me. 

While the process itself might be fraught with emotional turmoil and tears, it’s a really beautiful process of release and you look lighter and brighter and it, you start to radiate and it’s just a wonderful process of unraveling and blossoming. 

Once you really start to integrate, once you commit to it, bring awareness to all of it and integrate, life begins to flow. And it isn’t easy. It’s literally the hardest work that we can do in our lives, but we are all here now in 2020 and 2021 to do this work. We are here on Earth in this monumental moment in history to show up and do this work.

The Greatest Show in the Universe: We Are the Chosen Ones

We were chosen to be here at this time to anchor in, bring down, create heaven on earth. We are here to anchor in these higher vibrational frequencies. We are here to connect the higher with the lower, the divine with mother earth. We are here to anchor in the higher vibrational frequencies so that we can create heaven on earth so that we can do something that’s never happened before in the history of the universe. It’s really quite exciting. 

We were literally chosen to be here. We all individually beat out over 1 million other souls who wanted to be here for this 2020 show.

Humanity on Earth is literally the center of the universe’s attention right now, and quite astonishingly beautiful when you pause to consider your individual life from this perspective. It’s really exciting. It’s really powerful. So if you’re here right now, living in on earth in 2020, you are a powerful being.

To be clear, this isn’t a one day process. The massive shift began several years ago, culminating in the tumultuous Great Awakening of 2020 moving into 2021, and the process will continue well into the coming decade because it is a profound process of de-conditioning and remembering, but the process has definitively begun. On December 21st we experienced a major influx of light energies from the Sun, on the day of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn which coincided with the Winter Solstice. 

This is why I was inspired to do the Live Let There Be Light series on YouTube (recorded on IG Live) – so that we can ground down these energies. So that we can anchor in the light, within ourselves and for the collective Anchorage, literally into physical planet earth. So that together we can co-create Heaven on Earth. 

We want to anchor in these beautiful ideas of what does heaven on earth look like to you? Consider your vision of what a pristine, beautiful, Garden of Eden would look like to you. Crystal clear waters, pure air, vibrant flowers, gorgeous trees, flowing rivers and waterfalls, abundant animal life. Societies built on a foundation of harmony, peace, and true freedom and justice for all. Where love, truth, and trust are the foundation for all relationships, systems, and structures. Beauty all around, natural abundance… whatever that looks like to you, call it in, pull it down, anchor it into the earth.

We’re all being called to step up and do this work. We’re all being called to be our biggest brightest, most brilliant selves. And to anchor that in. 

Ascension is a path that we choose. It’s a path of returning love. It’s a path of returning to the heart center. It is not a path that is easy to take, but it is again so rewarding. 

It’s a sense of alignment with higher consciousness, with the divine; it’s alignment, mind, body, and soul. So you’re coming into alignment in every layer, in every capacity, in every dimension, in every way possible, it’s this sense of pure divine alignment. And from that alignment, then that sense of ease comes in. And that from that space of freedom and flow comes the ability to manifest with absolute ease. Easy, blissful instant manifestation vibes is what we’re entering here in 5D.

What is 5D or 5D consciousness?

5D is the vibrational frequency of this idea of heaven on earth. 5D consciousness is essentially living from a heart-centered space. It’s really all about coming into a heart-centered space and living in this space of of love. Living with an open heart. 

In essence, The Ascension process is really the process of ‘inscension’ as one of my coaches puts it – going in as a means of rising up. To take it a step further – it typically requires the process of descension as well – we go in, to go down, to rise up and up and up. 

I always envision the heart center blossoming open like a beautiful flower emerging from the soil into it’s fullest most magical expression of beauty, of life, of abundance. For me, it’s a Rose. Whatever flower resonates with you works. So imagine your heart center just blossoming open and that there is a beautiful light shining from within. And from there you are in alignment, you are in attunement with the highest frequencies for the good of you, and also for the good of all. From that space, manifestation is instant and easy, and you’re in the flow because it’s in service of the highest good for all.

What you’re calling in to create from that space is in the service of the highest good for all. The universe has got your back when you’re in alignment with that place of service for the highest good. And so manifestation is easy. 

So it’s this process of waking up to the truth of who you really are. And then, from that space, continuing to do the work, to do the meditation, to sit with yourself, to figure out, what are your blocks? What are your limiting beliefs? What are you holding onto and carrying that are no longer serving you, and then dropping that, releasing it. It’s not a snap of the fingers and it’s done kind of process, and it’s hard as heck. But it does get easier. 

The easier it gets the easier it gets. The better it gets the better it gets. 

Ongoing journaling helps as both a point of reflection and source of clarity and inspiration on what triggered you, what lit you up, what felt off, what felt good, what’s working, what’s not working, and as a way of really just getting really honest with yourself, getting really curious. 

When you’re ready to dive deeper, ask yourself from a space of non-judgmental curiosity: Why is that trigger coming up for me? What is that really about? What is the root of it? And is that true? Does it have to be true? Then replace it with thoughts and beliefs that support your growth; rewire your thoughts to be in a frequency that’s more in alignment with your higher truth, with your higher self, with possibility, with beauty. When you are in tune with that, then everything will flow. Everything will manifest, and you are living from this heart-centered space of love and beauty and bliss and joy and service at the highest good. And in that space, you know that you are one with all. And from there, that is a space that we create heaven on earth. And it’s this vibrational frequency that we are grounding down. 

You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant to Be

Now, to be clear, 5D Earth – the New Earth – it’s not a different place. It is here on earth. We are collectively shifting into a higher frequency, yet it’s also an individual choice to show up and shift your own frequency to be a vibrational match. It’s not an overnight process, so don’t worry about being left behind. It is a choice. Choose now and keep doing the work, one step at a time, and you will be able to take those steps over the rainbow bridge and find the pot of gold that exists because it exists for all of us, all of us who choose it, all of us who choose to show up and do the work. It is there, and the light has already won. So just keep going, keep choosing, don’t give up on yourself because it is not the easiest process, but it is so rewarding. And I promise, promise, promise that it is there and it is available. And we will all get there. All of us who choose to do the work.

I was forced into it with a cancer diagnosis several years ago. And I didn’t really see the full, bigger picture then, but something inside just kept pulling me and saying, you’re not done yet. Keep going, keep going. You still have more work to do. And now this year, it’s all coming together, full circle. And to be sure I know there is still much work for me to do. But it is finally integrating and I feel better than ever. And so I’m here, basically, just show you that it’s possible and that this is available for us all, no matter where you have been, no matter what depths of darkness you may currently be in now, it is available. So keep opening your heart to possibility, opening your heart to higher aspects of yourself, and opening up to the idea that you are a divine, beautiful being. We are all connected, and we are all attuned to and all in alignment with these higher frequencies.

The pot of gold is available. All it requires is us taking a step outside of our comfort zones – which if we’re really honest, typically are not that comfortable. Each step opens us up a bit further. It’s this higher vibrational state of consciousness. It’s a higher vibrational state, but it’s also, it’s a higher consciousness. So it’s, it’s this idea of really tuning in and connecting with that higher state and understanding that there is so much more to our existence. Then we have been led to believe we are connected to this intelligence. We are connected to this awareness that we are all one, that we are all divine creators. 

We’re not necessarily all God, but we’re all sparks of God. That’s the truth of the capital T the way I see it. And that’s a beautiful, empowering place to be in because we have unfortunately been kind of kept in little boxes and that have kept us from the truth which has ultimately kept us from our power.

So this is all about reclaiming our power and stepping in to our fullest potential. And that’s really what this is all about. It’s a process of illumination. It’s a process of coming back into the truth of who we are and living that fullest brightest expression of ourselves. So it is not necessarily up in a linear fashion; it’s a process of an upward spiral. We will have to come back and do the same lessons over and over, but each time we’ve gained a little bit more wisdom, a little bit more insight. So each time we are a step higher up the spiral. And eventually when we’ve fully integrated the lesson, life catapults us onward and upward. But it is a process of going in. It’s a process of going into the heart. So just always remember to tune into your heart, go within and sit with your inner truth, sit with your inner intuition.

Your heart knows what is best for you. If you quiet the mind and tune in and trust – which is not easy because we’ve been conditioned out of that, out of that connection – the more you trust, the more you tune in, the more you listen, the more you begin to listen to the niggles and follow them, you will start to build the trust. It’s an iterative process. The more you trust, the more you will learn to trust.

Start with the smaller things, and then slowly by slowly bit by bit, your life will become more and more aligned. Your life will expand in ways you never even thought possible. Eventually it’s beautiful and it’s fun. I’m not going to lie at the beginning it isn’t always the easiest process, but it is a fun process of discovering and remembering the Truth of who you really are. 

You got This, We got This

I am sending you so much love on your journey. I encourage you to regularly sit and meditate and envision your most brilliant vision of heaven on earth, and then to really anchor it down, not as a place that’s separate from where we are here, but as a place that we are living in now anchor it into the earth through your clear channel of divine, beauty, and bliss and light, and anchor it down from above all the way down through the middle of the earth so that we are pulling in the codes, pulling in the light codes that will help to release us from the shackles of darkness and fear.

This is all about light – becoming our most illuminated, most brilliant and beautiful light beings that we are, so anchor in the light, pull it down from above. Anchor the light into the center of the earth and envision the most beautiful expression of heaven on earth that you can possibly imagine. 

It’s always a choice, but anchoring down the frequencies is so, so key right now. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for shining your light. You got this. We got this, the light has won, no matter what it may look like outside, it has won. So trust and anchor and stay grounded throughout this process. Stay connected, stay grounded and keep going. I’m sending you so much love, so much light, onward and upward. We got this. Thank you for shining.

Looking for further support? Find all the tools you need to stay grounded o on your journey in my course Rise with Resilience. For personal guidance and information about my in-depth coaching and group programs, email me at to set up a time to chat. Onward and upward in love and light <3 Amanda xx


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