World Cancer Day – My Number One Lesson from Cancer

Today is World Cancer Day, and in honor of survivors, thrivers, and warriors, I wanted to share my recent thoughts and perspectives based on my journey – and the biggest lesson I learned in the process.

My number one lesson from Cancer: Life is meant to be LIVED. Fully. Completely. Joyfully. 

On your terms. 

Fear is not just an illusion. It is the enemy of life. It is the enemy of health. It is the enemy of healing. It is the antithesis of growth, expansion, and moving forward. 

We are not meant to stay in one place. We are not meant to live in (often uncomfortable) the box of a comfort zone – inside the illusory guise of the ‘safety’ of the known.

We are not meant to go round and round in circles of monotonous routine. 

That is not life. That is not living. 

We are not meant to just survive. We are meant to thrive. 

The very essence of life compels us in the direction of growth and expansion; it draws us into the evolutionary journey of an upward spiral. 

If we are not learning, if we are not growing, if we are not expanding our consciousness, perspective, or understanding… we are simply going round and round on the merry go round of monotony, until life says enough and drops us into the downward spiral of crisis to wake us up. 

Crisis serves a purpose. Crisis calls us to examine what isn’t working, what isn’t in alignment, what isn’t serving our ultimate growth, expansion, or purpose. 

Crisis is the opportunity to wake us up to our soul’s deepest Truth. 

When we choose to answer the call, crisis reconnects us with the wisdom of the heart. 

What cancer showed me was that Cancer itself wasn’t the thing to fear – rather living a life not in alignment with my fullest expression, my deepest desires, and my greatest joys. That’s what we need to be wary of…

Not living life to the fullest. 

My diagnosis woke me up to the fact that the life I wasn’t living wasn’t mine – not the one I was meant to live. Expectations, coulds, shoulds… they were holding me back from living my purpose, following my destiny. 

My journey has not been easy. It’s been an ongoing lesson in dropping from the head to the heart… in trusting the signs.

The heart tells the truth. The heart holds the deepest wisdom. 

I choose joy. I choose to continue to trust my heart, trust my intuition – the deep source of wisdom that has guided me on my healing journey. 

Going on my 5 year anniversaries, I feel healthier, more vibrant, and better than ever. 

I have ultimate faith in my mind, body, and soul’s ability to heal, bounce back, and recover from ANYTHING, no matter what, having gained deeper wisdom, perspective, and appreciation for the beauty of life along the way. 

Because my spirit is stronger than anything life throws my way. So is yours.

Awaken to your soul. Reclaim your power.

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda xx

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