Redefining Reality: The Capricorn Supermoon Ushers in a Massive Upgrade

“When life isn’t going right, go left.” This silly little phrase has come up no fewer than 3 times in the past several days. As trite as it is, it quite poignantly speaks to this point of transition that is present for people on a personal level as well as in the collective, heightened by the Capricorn Supermoon. 

Today’s Supermoon is catalyzing this shift by helping to illuminate the truth of the self and putting us on a truer path of expanded fulfillment.

Systems are breaking down and it’s clear that it’s time to face the music, integrate the lessons, and pivot. 

As disquieting as these times may be, we are in the midst of the most exciting shift in history of humanity on the brink of a brilliant breakthrough that will propel us into a whole new golden era.

This journey I’ve been on has been full of surprises. Here we are in the midst of unprecedented times born from an ongoing upheaval of our entire reality with each day seeming to bring one bombshell after the other. 

And in the midst of these times fraught with turmoil, my own journey has brought me in directions I could never have imagined much less anticipated, yet these paths toward truth are filled with hope, love, and beauty. 

My own journey has brought me into deeper connection with nature’s rhythms and cycles, with the moon and the stars as well as the pulse of the Earth and her overflowing oceans. 

Civilizations rise and fall as technology continues to sever our connection to the ancient wisdom of mother nature herself, the source of life and cornucopia of infinite abundance. 

But the truth is, whether we are aware of it or not, humanity marches on to the beating of her constant heart.

Humanity is facing global chaos the likes of which we have never seen. Economic, social, and political systems are crumbling around us and we are being forced to face the truth of what’s not working and grapple with our values and the vision of what we want going forward. 

And yet, as chaotic and uncertain as our world may look right now, I am writing with a profound sense of peace, hope and faith about our future. Because I have been guided to look deep within and without to understand our true nature.

And it is by reconnecting with her deep, eternal wisdom that we will rediscover immutable truths and realize our salvation. 

Supermoon in Capricorn Calls us to Expand

Which brings me to today’s Supermoon in Capricorn. This is the largest Supermoon of the year – meaning the moon is closest to the Earth, appearing larger in the sky than at any other time of the year. As we know, the moon is intimately related to the tides, and as any emergency room knows, intimately linked with our emotional states. 

Capricorn supermoon

As we are comprised of roughly 70% water, as is the Earth, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the moon should have such a direct impact on humans just as it does Earth’s tides.

Water and emotions are intimately linked. Emotions, like water, like to flow. Yet culturally in modern times, we have become disconnected from ancient wisdom and connection to nature’s cycles and have been taught to suppress and repress our emotions.

Culture dictates a stiff upper lip, to keep calm and carry on. We are told that men don’t cry and in times of crisis to keep it together. Head over heart. Mind over emotions. 

It’s no wonder that we’ve wound up in this modern mess of anxiety, depression, mounting physical illness, and on the brink of economic, social, and political collapse.

Yet we are facing chaos and the crumbling of our reality built on a foundation of illusion so that we can finally confront what is not working and come into true alignment and harmony, within and without. 

Our security is being rattled, but we are being asked to shift what defines our sense security from without to within. Seeking security from our outer world places our power without as well. But if we derive security from within, we will never lose our sense of power, agency, or peace.  

This fundamental shift in perception of our relation to reality changes everything. We are awakening to our power and a whole new sense of self.

Inner security is paramount right now. We are being called to stay in peace, no matter what. 

The energy of this Capricorn full Supermoon, ruled by Saturn, is the crucifixion of control and the power over paradigm. It is a time to clear karmas, bondage, and limitation. It is a time for personal evolution into a higher octave of being and to be set from from what we don’t want and liberated from the paradigm of giving our power away in order to bring in more fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Using the Full Moon Energies to Release and Redefine

Capricorn helps us set boundaries while cancer helps us to connect with the heart, bringing us into a space of equal giving and receiving and true alignment with our personal Yes.

Life may look like it’s falling apart around us, but this is an upgrade to our being and our world. 

The old ways of being are crumbling in order to give birth to the new. 

Do what you love and take your dreams seriously. It is time to take aligned action with what speaks to your soul. 

Right now we are being called to remember truth, love, and beauty, and to hold a vision of a beautiful world.  

With this Capricorn Supermoon in Cancer we are being called to step forth into a greater sense of Wholeness and the feeling of homecoming of being your true self while expanding our vision of what is possible and expanding our capacity to receive.

Embrace a more evolved version of yourself and define success for your soul-aligned self. 

Admit emotional truths and get clear with yourself about how you’ve been showing up in the world. Are you showing up in love? Are you in heart-centered service to other, or still operating in service to self? 

As we release karmas, childhood insecurities may arise. Capricorn as the father and Cancer as the mother may trigger these wounds to the surface to be healed and integrated into a greater sense of wholeness. Trust and allow it all to be felt. 

Nurture your inner child while you dream and think bigger, allowing her to express her joy in its grandest capacity. 

Dance outside, engage in intuitive free writing, connect with nature, release old energies, write down your intentions. Ask yourself how to connect your worldly success with your soul’s truth.

Open your heart, shine bright, and cultivate the potent magic within to manifest it without. 

With the Capricorn supermoon catalyzing your evolution, this is a time to birth your dreams into a brilliant new reality.


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