Mary Magdalene and the Rise of the Divine Feminine

My journey has brought me on so many unexpected twists and turns, but it’s always been leading me closer to the heart of truth. Today, on Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, it feels appropriate to dive into the subject of the rise of the divine feminine and her rebirth into our collective consciousness.

In truth, my recent travels to Glastonbury, England – or as I refer to it: Avalon – and the South of France were to bring me on a Mary Magdalene pilgrimage.

From Chalice Well, Glastonbury Abbey, and her chapel in Avalon to her Cave of Eggs in the South of France, I felt her beautiful, loving presence immensely. Both gentle and fierce, soft and strong. Rooted in the Earth and divine in her essence. Like the rose.

Devoted to her beloved, Yeshua, and their mission to heal and awaken humanity, Mary Magdalene embodied the divine feminine energy, planting the seeds of unity consciousness into the planetary grid for them to awaken and emerge now, for the return of the divine feminine. 

Sacredness and beauty are woven into her mysteries, ready to be birthed into the Earth as we merge the masculine and feminine into divine harmonic frequency. 

mary magdalene rise of the divine feminine

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

The rise of the divine feminine is a significant aspect of the big shift underway. As the the patriarchy falls and society as controlled and dominated by masculine principles begins to crumble, we are restoring harmony and balancing through the return of the feminine principles and the healing of both the wounded masculine and feminine. As the old falls away, we’re shifting into a new paradigm where systems and energies will be more balanced and working in harmony. 

The rise of the divine feminine is vastly different from the feminist movement. Women have been denying their own femininity in order to make their mark in this skewed system. The feminist movement too was co-opted in subtle ways that do not align with the idea of true feminine energy, a female – or anybody really – in her feminine power.

Feminine energy exists within everybody. Everybody, both men and women, contains both masculine and feminine energies within. People embody the energies in different ways and to varying degrees. Part of the work that we do as we awaken and ascend and continue to grow on the spiritual path is to integrate these energies within. 

Whether we identify with being spiritual or on the path of spirituality or not, this is the journey of being human. It’s a journey of healing back to wholeness.

The Power of Merging the Masculine and Feminine Principles

The feminine principle is cyclical, bringing us a sense of connection to nature and her innate rhythms, and with being in the flow with life. Just like water, feminine energy flows, ebbing and rising with the powerful waves of emotions. The masculine principle, on the other hand, is linear. Like a beam of light illuminating the path forward, the masculine drives us on in pursuit of our goals, giving direction to our vision and to the creation of all that is meant to manifest through us.

It’s a journey of coming into integration, and a significant component of what is being integrated are these opposing yet complementary energies of the masculine and the feminine, and bringing them back into balance. 

So to reiterate, the rise of the divine feminine isn’t to overtake or surpass the masculine, rather it’s to bring them back into a beautiful, integrated, harmonious, balance, into wholeness, so that they can both nurture each other, so that each one can be fully expressed. This can happen within a conscious, loving partnership, but it truthfully it’s a process that happens within.

We all contain both energies, and a key part of the rise in consciousness is healing the separation born of trauma and fear into a state of peace, harmony, and wholeness within.

The power that is born from this integrated frequency of wholeness is one that is aligned with the principles of peace, harmony, abundance, joy, and love – those which are required to build a new Golden Era of Light and Love.

mary magdalene rise of the divine feminine

Healing the Wounds by Loving the Darkness Within

Key to our liberation is embracing the dark. Healing and integrating the shadows into the light in order to become the most whole and complete version of ourselves, with depth of wisdom and brilliance. 

The most beautiful creations of life, including life itself, emerge from the dark, the womb space, the void. Like a seed planted deep within the ground, all life begins in the void of the dark. 

Once we gain perspective and reframe the darkness in our lives, we can begin to see the beauty held within the darkness because it contains the possibility for growth, transformation, and creation itself. The dark night of the soul that so many experience is precisely this process of planting and nurturing the seed that is still buried deep within the darkness. This is where the seeds are planted before the seed can emerge and blossom. It has to germinate in the dark. Before the seed can fully emerge, grow, blossom and expand, it must first come into being in the womb of the Earth, just as we begin life as a tiny cell in the wombs of our mothers. 

The void of creation is where everything begins, in the darkness of the womb. Life begins in the void of the womb of creation where the feminine holds the potential and the masculine generates the spark. 

We need both, and we must remember that without the mother, without the feminine principle, there would be no life. Creation potential is lost without the mother. 

Honoring the Cycles of Dark Feminine

The most beautiful creations of life, including life itself, emerge from the dark, the womb space, the void. Like a seed planted deep within the ground, all life begins in the void of the dark. 

Honoring and embracing the cycles of darkness that give birth to the light will guide us back home to the truth we hold within. We are collectively being called on a quest to go within and reclaim what is true for ourselves. Tuning in to our heart wisdom tapping into our intuition will help us stay grounded within that deeper self.

Mary Magdalene has been guiding us to reconnect with the potent power of the womb space, to heal it and honor the Mother principle that has been so long suppressed.

In this time of turmoil, where we have lost our connection with nature, when we have lost of reverence of the feminine, we are being called to remember this fundamental truth of our very existence. 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day itself was born through the distortion of the patriarchal Christian church who desecrated her life. Yet we can reclaim this day and the truth by honoring her divine holiness and offering deep gratitude for the guidance she has gifted humanity.  

mary magdalene rise of the divine feminine
Mary Magdalene’s Statue in her Cave of Eggs in La Sainte Baume, France

Mary Magdalene and the Rose Lineage

The rose is an ancient symbol of the goddess, a symbol of the strength and beauty of the feminine. 

Mary Magdalene is part of the rose lineage, ascended master embodiments of divine truth, love, and beauty that traces its roots through ancient civilizations and back to the stars, carrying the frequencies of Venus.

The Magdalene is a mirror for us to know our true Divine Self as she guides us on the Grail Quest for the Liberation of the Heart.

She invites all who are called to step forward and reclaim this wisdom within.

Just like a rose. We plant the seed. We fertilize it, we cultivate it. We give it the time and space to grow, then it emerges into the light and blossoms into a beautiful manifestation of creative essence. 

We are the ones rising. 

We are the ones blossoming into the purest frequency of divine love.

Rise, sisters – and brothers. Rise.

The journey is just beginning.

Onward and upward in love and light <3


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