Channeling the Vibes of the Supermoon Spring Equinox

Happy Spring! I can’t tell you how pumped I am for Spring – not just because of the weather. It’s really because of the energy that comes with the start of a new season – especially Spring. So when the Spring equinox coincided with the Supermoon the other night, I really felt like there was a lot of energy stirring. And I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss how to channel this natural energy in a deliberate manner.

I’m reminded daily of how lucky I am to live here in Miami. It’s actually been quite cloudy and rainy this week, and the temperatures dropped to the high 60’s the other day (crazy, right ;). It was legit downpouring for the majority of the day on Monday. Yet all it did was serve as a reminder of how amazing the weather is here, and how even in the inclement weather, there is a special energy in Miami.

It’s become easier to appreciate the rainy days and moments of cloud cover. Because the sun is shining all the time, you almost feel obligated to go outside and enjoy it. While I am obviously a huge proponent of more fresh air and sunshine, sometimes I love just cuddling up inside with a good book and my journal, learning and processing and resetting.

So this week has been a perfect opportunity to take a step back, and with the coinciding of the Spring Equinox and the supermoon, the timing couldn’t have been better. More and more, I’ve been feeling the energy of these natural phenomenons, and I think part of it is from the Miami Magic.

I think it’s because of the water. Especially living where I do on the beach, we are literally surrounded by the ocean. And I spend more time outside because the weather has been nicer. Sunsets are a magical experience almost every day, and sunrises too, if I’m up and out early enough to catch it (which, to be fair, is rare lol). The skies seem bluer, the sun shinier, the palm trees like paradise. Whatever it is, everything just seems a bit more beautiful here.

Maybe it’s being here in Miami where the weather is almost always amazing that has made me more aware. Or maybe it’s just me being more tapped into the energy. With everything I’ve gone through in the past several years, and all of the transitions I’ve been through even just since I’ve moved to Miami, I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to my energy. I do mean energy in the traditional sense – that scale of feeling totally drained and fatigued on one end to feeling totally vibrant and full of vitality.

Less than two months after I moved here, I was literally diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I’ve spent so much time – and energy – figuring out how to rebuild my energy on a very real, physical level. It’s been a process and a major learning curve as I’ve gradually built up reserves and then found myself drained yet again after doing this or that.

But my journey has also continually brought me back to the idea of energy in a more metaphysical sense. It’s become clearer and clearer that this kind of energy impacts me on a personal, very visceral level. I’ve been a huge believer in mindset for ages – the notion that replacing negative thoughts and beliefs with positive, more helpful thoughts will result in an improved life experience makes a lot of sense to me. And I’ve seen evidence of this in my own life.

But it can be very easy to slip out of awareness. Whenever challenges hit, it is incredibly easy to slip back into those old thought patterns and to allow those old beliefs to kick back in. So it’s something that truly does require daily practice. We really are rewiring our brains and creating new thought patterns through the neural circuitry.

Through my experiences, I’ve been building my own awareness levels of how my own thoughts and beliefs have impacted my energy levels. From what I’ve experienced, it’s clear that our thoughts and beliefs can directly impact our physical energy levels.

If we have negative beliefs, that negativity can drain us. If we feel tired or ill or frustrated or angry, and we keep buying in to that thought and telling ourselves that we feel that way and venting to our friends and coworkers about feeling tired or ill or frustrated or angry, we will continue to feel that week. We are validating our own thoughts, hardwiring them into our brains, and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But the flip side is also true – if we continually focus on the positives in life, we will actually experience life in a much more positive manner. Even when we do face the inevitable obstacles or setbacks, we can manage them with more ease and grace and bounce back far more quickly.

Furthermore, what I’ve begun to realize is that it goes much further and deeper than our thoughts and beliefs. It’s about emotions. It’s about energy. Our thoughts directly impact our energy flow. And this is the level of energy that connects us to everything in the universe – the stuff that quantum physics has helped us to discover.

We can feel it most when we are in nature. That sense of awe we experience when looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean or sitting on top of the mountain – that’s us feeling connected to the world around us.

This connected energy also includes the moon. For thousands of years humans have felt connected to the moon and how it regulates the cycles of life. Farmers used to plant seeds around the full moon. Fishers used the moon cycles to determine when it was best to catch fish. Everyone (I think) knows that the moon affects the tides. Us humans are also made up of roughly 60% water, so if the moon can affect such a vast quantity of water as the ocean, it seems somewhat logical that it might impact us.

In Miami, full moon events are popular. There are meditations on the beach, yoga classes on the beach, drum circles on the beach, rooftop parties, full moon events at hotels, sacred moon circles or some jazz like that, and who knows what else. The moon rising over the ocean is a beautiful spectacle to be sure, so maybe that’s why we pay so much attention to it.

What makes it even more beautiful to me though is the notion that we are constantly changing and in flux, and that transition is a natural part of life. The full moon is like a beacon of light in the darkness, always promising a new phase, or a fresh chapter. It provides a sense of possibility as it sheds light onto the darkness and the shadows where things can stay hidden. With awareness comes the possibility of release.

Aligning with the moon is to align with the natural cycle of things, to feel connected to the energy and vibrations around us, to be connected to the flow of life. As we enter the next cycle, the full moon is a good time to let go of the old. To purge and shed what we don’t want in our lives. It’s a perfect opportunity to readjust our lives so we feel more in sync.

We can do this by creating a ritual around the moon, something I’ve been getting into a bit. I love joining meditations or group events as well, but this is a private ritual we can do on our own at some point in the days surrounding the full moon, as the energy is still potent before and after.

So here are the simple steps to harness the energy of the full moon to help transform your life:

  • Set the mood. Create a sacred space for you to feel cleansed and purified as you release the old stories and beliefs. Burn sage, light some candles, put on some meditative music, or sit outside in nature, perhaps even in the evening as you soak in the moonlight.
  • Write to Release. Write down what you want to release – the darker aspects of your life experiences and situations. The negative drains. The areas in your life that you would like to heal and transform.
  • Burn Baby Burn. Burn that paper to release those energies and transform your being. As you do so, even say out loud something like ‘I release’ or ‘I let go’ or ‘I surrender.’
  • Stay open. The final step is just to stay open to possibility. Open yourself to the energy of possibility and newness as you release the old.

And since it’s the start of Spring, it’s the perfect time to take stock of your life, set new goals and intentions, and get ready for a beautiful season of blossoming. Write your new reality in a journal and imagine that this new version of you is already here.

If you would like support in moving forward, I’d love to connect and join you on your journey.


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