Happy end of September… and what a month it’s been! Two birthdays for me and lots of digging deep. Reflecting, releasing, and letting go of fear. We are in a time of massive transition, and with the change in season, moon phases, personal birthdays, societal turmoil, and energetic shifts happening on the planet, I’ve been […]

As a cancer survivor, I can’t help finding parallels between what it’s like being a patient going through diagnosis and treatment and the situation we are collectively facing with the coronavirus pandemic. So I just want to share my perspective, and why I ultimately have hope in spite of these crazy times we are living […]

September is a big month for me. It always has been – my birthday is September 5th, so naturally I think it’s the best month of the year 😉 Aside from my birthday though, I always looked forward to it if not so much for school but at least for a new year. The changing […]






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this art called life