The Lion’s Gate Portal Meaning; The Ancient New Year

I’m constantly learning something new! Yesterday was the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal meaning more than just a potent time to manifest Abundance. For both the Ancient Egyptians and the Mayans – July 26th was also the start of a New Year, the beginning of a New Cycle of Time Creation, or as they called it, the Sacred Year. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal is open July 26 through August 12, with peak energies falling on 8/8 – the day most associate with Lion’s Gate. 8/8 is considered to be the most powerful day for manifesting abundance of the year (and the date of culmination for my course – The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance!).

So what does the Lion’s Gate Portal mean, actually?

During the Lion’s Gate ‘portal,’ the Earth and Sun align with Sirius – the Royal Star – and the Galactic Center – the point everything in the Milky Way revolves around.

Powerful light codes come in during this portal, assisting humanity in raising consciousness and frequency.

We are more able to end and initiation cycles or timelines – and even jump timelines – quantum leaping into a hole new way of being.

This is literally about us living our best lives.

Watch my full video on the Lion’s Gate and the powerful energetics present for Manifesting Abundance

The Lion’s Gate Portal Meaning, Spiritually Speaking

The ancients saw this time as the Divine Creative Intelligence renewing our Time and Space reality for another year, in a sense. 

The Royal Star Sirius – otherwise known as the sun of our sun, or our Spiritual Sun, or the Great Central Sun depending on who you ask – is conjunct the sun at this time. This means it rises in conjunction at Sunrise in the northern hemisphere, especially over Egypt at the time the Nile river rises, which to the ancient Egyptians represented the renewal of abundance for another cycle. 

The Sirians and Royal Lion Beings are Master Star Teachers who have been helping to guide humanity on the path of evolution and ascension. 

Lion’s Gate is all about empowered creation and trusting yourself to step full into your power and potential and create all that you envision and desire. It is time to call in guidance and support to become that person you want to be and live the life you want to create

This whole time is one of great potential and power. We are in the process of activating the Divine Human Template

There are other portals and always possibilities for magic to happen, but this time is extra potent.

Astrological and Energetic Alignments Beyond Lion’s Gate Supporting our Expansion

During this Lion’s Gate Portal 2022, we have the New Moon on July 28, as well as the Uranus, Mars, North Node conjunction on July 31-Aug1 (in Taurus, an alignment which hasn’t happened in 2300+ years), there are even more powerful energies that call us to really Anchor in an unshakeable Trust in Self, since our external may be shaken up – a lot.

On top of all that, Venus ALSO descended into the root chakra yesterday – the exact date of the Lion’s Gate Portal opening. The alignment of successive powerful energetics within this already powerful portal opening is kind of mind-blowing.

Venus in the root chakra brings up the notion of our sense of belonging. The root chakra relates to our sense of safety in the world and in our bodies. The root is the place the soul anchors, the foundation of our very BEing in the world.

This alignment is allowing our stuff to come to the fore now to be released – all of our blocks, wounds, and limiting beliefs, the traumas held within – so that we can step into our empowered creator selves. Embodying the leo energy of confidence, truly aligned with our inner power, ready to be seen.

How to Use the Lion’s Gate Portal Energetics to Heal and Manifest

The root is the foundation, and is where our primary blocks to abundance reside – feelings of lack, scarcity, unworthiness, and not feeling safe.

Write down what you’d like to heal, what you’d like to nurture, what you’d like to purge and let go of, and also what you love and adore most about yourself. 

Focus on what you want to create and what you want to manifest. This is really a time of aligning with your inner power, and creating your reality from that space. 

The more of us who come together from a heart-centered alignment with our inner power, the greater our collective capacity to anchor in Heaven on Earth. 

And because this is Leo season, remember to play. Let your inner lion roar through the gate into your best life! 

The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance

My own healing journey has ultimately been one of reconnecting with my inner abundance.

And this is what The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance is about – being an energetic frequency match in alignment with your highest most Abundant timeline, and creating that unshakeable inner foundation.

The course includes 8 Daily Activations leading up to 8/8, designed to guides us into activation the higher octave of each chakra, or energy center. 8 Wisdom Modules support us in deepening and integrating the wisdom, and Bonus content supports our journey on the path to inner knowing.

Because Abundance is so intimately linked to the root chakra, there is an additional module dedicated to root chakra healing and inquiry.

If you feel called to join, click here: 

Onward and upward in love and light,

Amanda Sahrai xx


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