My journey has brought me on so many unexpected twists and turns, but it’s always been leading me closer to the heart of truth. Today, on Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, it feels appropriate to dive into the subject of the rise of the divine feminine and her rebirth into our collective consciousness. In truth, my […]

Key Lime Pie Vibes I just spent nearly a week down in south Florida, and Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m pretty sure there could be no more perfect time to share this refreshing green recipe. Key lime pie is named after key limes from the Florida keys, so naturally key lime pie is a […]

Wellness Wednesday – A Healthy Reframe of Hump Day September swooped in and bang life got busy busy! In a good way; in a motivating and inspiring way. I’ve been so caught up with everything going on that I’m just getting to my blog post now, but I was still inspired to go ahead with […]

Meditation and My #HappyMe Challenge September is my favorite month. I am admittedly slightly biased because it just so happens to be my birth month, but I’d still probably prefer it even if I wasn’t lucky enough to have the sapphire as my birthstone. Crisp fall air rolls in. The days are still warm. After […]

Life after cancer: Young, fancy and free A year ago last Wednesday – August 23rd – was my last day of chemo. The first step on the road back to normalcy. My unofficial return to freedom, to life. To life after cancer. My last day of chemo was a big deal for me. While I […]

Sunshine Calling A year ago this past weekend, I was feeling the weight of the winter blues and did something kinda crazy. The long weekend had snuck up, and I realized rather last minute I had extra time off. I’d been feeling increasingly sluggish and low, in total hibernation mode, chalking it up to the […]






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