9/9 Portal: Transitionary Times Coming to Completion

We are in the midst of a deeply transitionary time. A lot of people have been feeling uprooted, in limbo. These feelings have been amplified for so many as we approach the 9/9 Portal on Friday.

With the full moon in Pisces the very next day, we are facing a moment with massive potential for completions and new beginnings.

For a while now this uprooting, transitionary energy has been forcing people to face multiple areas of their life head on: jobs, careers, relationships, and even physical homes. People are being literally physically uprooted and don’t even know where to go.

Change and transition is not easy, ever. Yet globally we are facing great turmoil on a level we have never faced. We are in the void space of the unknown.

Meanwhile, we’ve simultaneously been in this intense energetic compression, feelings of heaviness, fatigue. This is all the density we hold coming up to be healed, released, and integrated. The shadows within each of us and the shadows of humanity are coming up to be integrated so that we can come into a place of true wholeness. 

We are being called to heal our hearts. It is preparing us for the 9/9 portal: the ending of a cycle and beginning of a new one.

Avebury Stone Circle, England in June, 2022.
The heart chakra of the planet.

Solar codes, Light Body Upgrades, and Heart Chakra Healing

Solar codes have been blasting the planet lately, most of us have recognized it and felt it in the form of heat waves, light energy coming off the sun in the form of detectable and measurable solar storms, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and so on. 

This is serving to amplify the energy that came through during the Lion’s gate portal which carried in high dimensional frequencies to amplify the sun and the planet. While the light comes in to upgrade, what comes first is a constriction to force us to face what’s stuck and fragmented within.

It is never comfortable, and many of us may feel physically uncomfortable within our bodies.

But what comes after a constriction is expansion. 

In crisis we see opportunity, after the breakdown we have the breakthrough.

The influx of energy is here to help us open our heart center. It is a time of heart healing and heart chakra upgrades.

Compassion, acceptance, forgiveness – these are the states that we are being called to cultivate within.

Release resistance and allow yourself to envision a world where there is no hierarchy, where all thrive.

Anchoring and Embodying the High Vibrational Light Codes

So much light is streaming in and so much energy is penetrating us to our core. It is often too much for our bodies that we experience symptoms because we need to release to density in order to make room for and hold the light.

Just like sound frequencies, the powerful light frequencies trigger the necessary shifts, releases, and upgrades in our body. This is ultimately about embodying our light body.

Nervous system upgrades are happening, triggering anxiety, nausea, headaches, an an overall sense of discomfort in our bodies. There are a slew of ascension symptoms we may experience, often resembling flu-like symptoms that make us feel like we have ‘caught’ something.

Personally, last week and earlier this week in addition to fatigue, I experienced some minor chest pressure and a nagging cough – typically only upon waking in the morning.

This is all to help us bring old cycles to a close, preparing us for the completion that comes with the 9/9 portal.

After coming to a profound realization and working through a huge layer of emotional healing, clearing, and integration, I realized I was releasing density from the chest region, the heart center – precisely where my cancer was.  

Yesterday I had a minor headache all day; I never get headaches. It finally dawned on me to do my own Wholeness (third eye) activation, so I did last night before going to bed.

This was in addition to a great deal of right shoulder tension release, and I slept deeply for 9 hours (there’s the number 9 again, leading up to the 9/9 portal!), during which I had a vivid dream where I was jumping up with a feeling of profound lightness, jumping higher and higher as if I was jumping on a trampoline, yet it was simply my body lifting higher and higher as if I was getting ready to spread my wings and fly.

This morning I woke up still drained, then I did the Joy activation and all day I’ve been feeling so focused, flowing in my purpose, and grounded in myself.

I feel precisely as if my energy body had a massive clearing and upgrade.

Purification and Stabilization of our Physical and Energetic Systems

Purification of our physical and energetic bodies is so key in these times, as is stabilization which occurs through integration. 

Purify the body by hydrating with pure, filtered water. Eat high vibrational, healing foods. Sweat. Move. Use frequencies and energies to bring our cells and energetic bodies back into harmony.

Heart healing is about embodying these illuminated frequencies by burning away the old energies and densities that do not vibrate at the same light frequencies.

DNA healing and upgrades as well as DNA activation are happening as a result of these incoming frequencies. We are building our light bodies, strengthening our aura fields. 

Rewiring our bodies, especially our nervous systems which for so many of us have been wired by stress, trauma, fear, and anxiety, is essential – we must release these energies and rewire our bodies to hold the light.

The nervous system is the physical manifestation of our energetic body. The spinal cord connects to our chakra system. Our channel gets interrupted by stress and trauma so we must go in to heal those parts of us that are blocked, fragmented, or disconnected and bring them back into stability and harmony.

9/9 Portal: Completion of a Cycle

With all of these intense energies amplifying our emotions and heightening anxiety and even physical symptoms, there is a sense of relief incoming, if you tune in and use the energetics of this 9/9 portal to your benefit.

The number 9 carries the energy of completion. It brings endings and resolutions so you can move on to something new.

Nine is also a number of personal power, so now is a potent time to bring resolution to old patterns keep you out of your power.

Now is the time to reclaim your power.

Nine is also a number of spiritual awakening and rebirth, and the double energy of 9-9 carries the energy of high potential and possibility.

So get clear on what is not aligned with your vision, clear the blocks and limiting beliefs, and put yourself in the energy of already having that which you desire to manifest.

Here is a simple method way to harness the manifestation power of the 9/9 portal:

Write down 3 things you’re letting go of from the past.

Write down 3 things you are grateful for now.

Write down 3 things you’re welcoming into your future – but write it as if you have them now.

Holding the energy of how you will feel when you have all that you desire – gratitude, joy, love – write them down and speak them aloud to the universe.

Full Moon in Pisces 9/10: Big Changes Coming

Amplifying the energetics of 9/9 and all the other upgrades we have been integrating in our system is Full Moon that furthers this energy of Big Change within.

Most of us fear change because we fear the unknown. We are being called to follow our intuition which is guiding us throughout this whole process.

Our intuition always guides us in the direction of our truth, of our purpose, of improving our lives. Yet in doing so it often guides us into the unknown, so many of us ignore or turn down the dial on our intuition.

We are being guided to step into the flow, to hone in on our zone of genius. Our self-awareness will heighten, allowing us to recognize our gifts and our shadows so that they can be integrated.

From this space of integration, we are able to fully claim and own our gifts and our magic.

We are, in truth, coming home to ourselves. Coming home to our hearts. Our hearts hold all the answers, they hold the keys to our magic and abundance.

Tools and Support to Guide You on Your Journey

Violet flame meditations and Solfeggio and healing frequencies are beautiful tools to help us calm the body and integrate the energies.

I created my energy cleanse meditation as a beautiful and quick way to reset our energy. If you’re looking to truly release, integrate, and upgrade, my course The 8 Golden Keys to Abundance is a frequency upgrade to our whole system and includes 8 powerful Activations for each energy center as well as the Energy Cleanse and my Infinite Possibilities Visualization (plus 8 deep dive wisdom modules to assist us in integrating the knowledge).

I will also be holding a live Activate your Intuition Superpower Masterclass on September 27th, the my remission anniversary. It will be a sliding scale pay what you can starting at just $7. I have yet to create the page but if you would like to be notified please email amanda@thisartcalledlife.com and I will be sure you receive the message.

Finally my much anticipated container Spiritual Abundance with Ease will begin the week after. It’s open now and you get access to all of the above for free once you’re inside (with immediate access), plus 6 full months inside this energetically curated container with powerful modules and weekly live calls to support you in diving deep and integrating all these frequencies and guiding you on the path of rising up and emerging.

  1. Marit Tuisk says:

    Great read! I can feel that is coming from a Heart!! 🤍🤍thank you

    • Amanda Kelly says:

      I am so glad this resonates with you! And deeply appreciate this feedback, that’s been my journey coming back home to the heart <3

  2. Sirona West says:

    Beautiful. I’m going to share your 3/3/3 method with my group today. Thank you for this. 💜

  3. Simon Shine says:

    Amazing article. So very helpful. You have a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing. ❤️🙏🏼






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