My Intuition Saved My Life: How to Activate Your Intuition

My intuition saved my life, and it’s guided me to so much magic and possibility. During an interview I was asked: What is your greatest Superpower? My immediate response was: My Intuition. Coming up on my six year remission anniversary, it’s high time I dive in to how to Activate Your Intuition – your greatest superpower!

Almost exactly six and a half years ago, my Uncle Don passed away from cancer, and the next morning I woke up knowing something was deeply wrong and I couldn’t wait any longer to address it.

After some googling of my symptoms, I self-diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism – serious enough but better than the other options left to consider. I called up the doctor and said ‘I need a CT scan this afternoon.’

The receptionist’s detectably exasperated response was: ‘That’s not how it works. You can’t just come in and get one, you need a reason. And in either case, it won’t happen this afternoon because it needs to go through insurance approval.’

Undeterred, I said, ‘Fine. Please book me in for his earliest available appointment.’

When I walked in, I picked up on her sideways glance, but my doctor sat me down and asked me what was going on. I explained that the slight pain in my chest had only gotten worse, and that the cough too had not responded to anything.

I experienced some pain when I lay down on my back or left side, and it had gotten to the point that I would sometimes now get winded going up a flight of stairs. This, as a fit hot power yogi who could do a handstand and touch her toes to her head at the same time. Something clearly didn’t add up.

Since I’d been three months earlier with very minor chest pain he had diagnosed as pleurisy, he sent me down for an X-ray and told me to come up after so we could take a look together.

As I walked out of the X-ray room, I again noticed the sideways glance from the younger technician. Maybe he just thought I was cute, I told myself. I snapped a mirror selfie of me wrapped in the vastly oversized hospital gown to capture the ridiculousness of the situation, gathered my belongings and went back up.

My doctor called me back in and pulled the X-ray up on his computer screen. I sat across from him, watching and waiting. His calm, amiable face shifted ever so slightly into one of barely perceptable concern as he turned the screen to face me.

‘You see this white film covering your left lung here? I have no idea what that is.’

And then he turned to me and said: ‘It looks like you’ve earned that CT scan after all.’

Certainly, I did not want to be right in that moment. But deep down, I also knew: this couldn’t wait.

My Intuition Was Right – As it Always Has Been

As it turned out, I had a Stage 2B growth the size of a grapefruit compression my heart and lungs, and my left lung was not too far off from collapsing.

Thankfully it had not spread, and thankfully we caught it before my lung collapsed. I had met someone in the hospital who found out he had cancer when that precise situation occurred after he went for one of his long runs.

Had I waited any longer, both spreading and collapse were possible, and who knows how much more difficult my journey could have been then.

My intuition has also guided me to make some of the biggest, most impactful decisions of my life. I brought me to my first yoga teacher training in India at the age of 23 which planted many seeds of the long unfolding journey of healing yet to come, and to my grad school program in London, which deepened my love for psychology as well as that for researching human potential and writing.

Soon after my diagnosis, my intuition also knew: I was not going to die. This was not my time, rather my quarter life crisis. This was, in a sense, the start of the rest of my life.

Your Intuition is Your Greatest Superpower

Your intuition is your greatest superpower. It is your universal GPS, guiding you toward what is aligned for your highest good and greatest expansion.

Our intuition is powerful. It helps us to make decisions more easily, and to know what path to choose.

Our frenetic modern world places value on logic over all else, however this masculine-left-brained rationale has disconnected us from our heart and soul. It has disconnected us from our bodies, which hold deep wisdom.

Like a supercomputer, our intuition processes a vast amount of information. Consider when you walk into a room or meet someone for the first time – we often get an instant ‘vibe’ about that person or situation. We immediately we know if we feel comfortable, or not.

We are naturally intuitive, and are shifting out of the head, into the heart. Our intuition brings us back into flow, and aligns us with what feels good.

That is the key – follow the feel good. This is how we manifest magic and abundance into our reality.

Integrating the logic of the mind with the intuition of the heart and soul will bring us into wholeness and amplify our manifestations and success.

How to Hone and Activate your Intuition

  1. Find your center. Cultivating stillness and peace allows you tune out the noise and let go of the baggage. Meditation is a powerful practice for so many reasons, cultivating intuition being one of them.
  2. Tune in. Bringing awareness to your responses, reactions, patterns and choices can help you decipher when and where you were allowing your intuition to lead, and where perhaps you allowed logic or emotions to rule.
  3. Reflect. Examine the outcomes of the varying situations in your life – which decisions brought you joy, peace, and expansion, and which brought you in the direction of feeling stuck or lost. Now reflect upon whether those decisions were made based on logic or intuition.
  4. Cultivate states of inner peace, joy, and love. When we are in a state of peace, we are more able to trust our inner guidance, which always brings us in the direction of more love and expansion.
  5. Don’t Overthink. When faced with a decision, try to tune in with your initial reaction. Most of us have one, but often fall into the logical counterarguments of why we ‘should’ make the other choice.
  6. Start Small. We make so may decisions every day. Begin with small things like would I rather meditate first, or journal first? Would my body rather do yoga or stretching, go for a run, or do strengthening and toning exercises? Baby steps can lead to big shifts.
  7. Trust How you Feel. Tune in with your body and pay attention to the whispers. Our body holds so much, and subtle sensations of tension or good feelings can be powerful clues of what is aligned for us.
Activate Your Intuition Superpower Masterclass

Activate Your Intuition – Your Greatest Superpower!

Intuition is one of the most powerful forces we can cultivate. Your intuition is the superpower you didn’t know you already have!

Finally, after years of thinking ‘I should host a Hone your Intuition workshop’ I will be hosting an Activate Your Intuition Superpower Masterclass on September 27, 2022, the six year anniversary of my remission scan.

In this Live Workshop-style Masterclass, we will dive deeper than I can in this blog post into what our intuition is, why many of us feel blocked from accessing our intuition, and how to tune in, activate, and hone our intuition – one of our greatest superpowers! It will include a live meditation, self-inquiry and journaling, and Q&A.

So many of us have been blocked or cut off from our intuition. The whispers of our soul, the nudges from our body intelligence.

We’ve tuned it out and turned down the dial and looked for answers outside of ourselves.

We are being called to go within and answer the call of our soul.

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever for us all to fully step into our power.

Join me as we go deep in this Masterclass to heighten our Intuition and Activate our Intuitive Superpowers!

Because I want everyone to be able to access the healing, magic and power that comes from activating our intuition and aligning with our soul, I’m offering this deep dive Masterclass starting on a pay what you can sliding scale starting at just $7.

Onward and upward in love and light, see you on the inside <3


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