Wow what a welcome to 2020 – things have gotten crazy real fast! Covid-19 aka Coronavirus is officially at pandemic status and panic, fear, and anxiety levels are through the roof. I want to address something that’s probably top of mind for everyone right now: how to boost your immune system. A healthy immune system […]

Happy Gratitude Week! I love this time of year, and all of the colors and flavors that come along with it. Recently I’ve been channeling all the harvest vibes and starting my mornings with pumpkin oatmeal and all the spices, and it’s probably the most nourishing breakfast I’ve ever had to date. And needless to […]

What is inflammation? Inflammation is a buzzword in the health world these days, but what does it *actually* mean? And how does it impact our health? Way back in 2006, Harvard researchers found that inflammation may be the common denominator underlying chronic disease. Inflammation itself natural process that helps the body heal and defend itself […]

Have you ever had a painkiller? The cocktail drink version, I mean? If you have, you’re familiar with how dangerously yummy they are. This anti-inflammatory pineapple green smoothie recipe is inspired by that delicious island drink – but it’s actually packed with health benefits! My Introduction to the Painkiller Cocktail – Island Life in a […]

My go-to nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory blueberry green smoothie recipe

Getting diagnosed with cancer is scary. Bam! Suddenly you’re in a bewildering whirlwind of unsettling appointments and diagnostic procedures. It’s chaos and confusion and then you’re confronted with cancer treatment: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, second opinions, unsolicited advice on essential oils, soursop, and alternative therapies, and who knows what else. Sometimes the advice is helpful, sometimes […]

Exciting news – I have officially launched the High Vibe Thriver Tribe! It’s a place for cancer thrivers to connect over all things wellbeing and ‘life after cancer.’ If you’ve noticed that I’ve been a been rather quiet on all my outlets lately, this is why 😉 I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on the […]

In case you’ve missed it, Celery Juice is the current darling of the wellness world. Or at least the Instagram Wellness world. Wellness fads and Instagram trends come and go, but when it comes to superfoods and nutrition, some of these popular trends deserves their due. Celery juice in its pure form is popping up […]

Earlier this week I had a 24 hour stomach bug thing – NOT fun! And just before my birthday :/ (Fortunately I felt much better on my bday 🙂 So all week I’ve been going easy on my stomach. One thing I’ve been making every day is this gut healing green smoothie. It’s simple, refreshing, […]

Seriously, I never thought I’d get excited about a vegetable broth. But this anti-candida vegetable broth is legit delicious! It’s also super easy to make, cleansing, and honestly would just make a great first course! But the point is to help clear out candida. Ok first – What is Candida? There are several strains of […]






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