Cold soup sounds a little odd at first. Raw soup sounds like one of those new-aged health fads. But in reality, there’s nothing new or odd about gazpacho, a classic dish in Spanish cuisine. While on vacation the other day, my mom served her homemade gazpacho and I enthusiastically sipped up every last drop. And […]

Seriously, I never thought I’d get excited about a vegetable broth. But this anti-candida vegetable broth is legit delicious! It’s also super easy to make, cleansing, and honestly would just make a great first course! But the point is to help clear out candida. Ok first – What is Candida? There are several strains of […]

‘Cheesy’ Broccoli Soup For the Win: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Paleo Recipe For real guys. This creamy cheesy broccoli soup is hands-down the most satisfying soup I’ve ever made, or ever tasted for that matter. All the creaminess. All the cheesy flavor. None of the dairy or its side effects. Can it be real? Oh yes […]

Nourishing Mind Body and Soul with Soup Yep it’s the new year and guess what that means – time for souping! It’s WAY too cold outside to even consider juicing. But soups? Nourishing, warming, and cleansing all in one. It’s my favorite approach to clean eating in cold weather. Plus it’s SO bitter cold out […]

Best Soup Ever Pumpkins and squash are everywhere, and squash soup has been high on the to-do list. I’ve made several versions in the past, but this time I wanted to spice things up a bit and thought I’d add some ginger and turmeric. No joke, this may be one of my favorite soups, ever. […]

More Soup for You It’s October and while the days have still been warm, the mornings and evenings are cool and the air has that distinct autumn crisp. I’ve totally been feeling all the fall feels. Pumpkin, squash, soup, and yes, more soup. So today I have for you: Creamy celery soup, vegan, paleo, and […]

Cool for the Summer: Raw Vegan Creamy Celery Herb Soup Ohhhh yes, this raw vegan creamy celery herb soup recipe is a win! More raw soup. Souper delicious. Souper healthy. Creamy. Refreshing. Bursting with layers of flavor. So I went to the local farmer’s market Saturday morning and loaded up on organic veggies. Forgetting I […]

Cooling soup for the warm weather I love soup, and it just so happens to be a great option for a detox or cleanse, particularly when the weather is a bit nippy. But summer is arguably the ideal time to cleanse your body, and warming soups aren’t typically quite what we crave.

The S Factor Anytime I overindulge a bit in the food department and stray from my typical healthy eating habits (hi bachelorette, reunion, and wedding all within 9 days), I revert to the S factor: really Simple eating, comprised primarily of soups, salads, and smoothies, with a little low-sugar vegetable juice thrown in for good […]

Soup for days This past weekend I went to the country for a little weekend retreat of my own creation. Spring renewal vibes brought me out there, but winter decided to have its last hurrah and I wound up snowed in on Friday, and it was actually perfect (fortunately I had checked the weather forecast and […]






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